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Not clear you know there are a lot of rumors about his relationship with israel and that there is intelligence sharing and that there is some coordination when it comes to iran because they both both saudi arabia israel share an enemy in in iran officially the saudis you know have not recognized israel they were not for uh president trump's decision to declare jerusalem the capital of israel he sees israel through the united states as a potential ally in the war against iran but not a country that he would ever and normalize relations with when you see the war against iran do you think that muhammed been salmane sees a day when they're actually is a war between saudi arabia and iran yes i mean possibly because he sees that iran the regime in iran is determined to uh to destroy the saudi ruling dynasty and he will not permit that and if necessary he will also resort to proxy actors he will fight the iranians and yemen as he as he is doing um and he sees the relationship or at least a conflict with iran as isiro some conflict if a war is you know has to happen he would hope that he would have the americans on his side it seems from the tweets by president trump that president trump is certainly on the side of mbs is that fair to say when it comes to iran absolutely and so is so is israel i mean both saudi arabia and israel see rhonda's the next potential threat but what's the relationship like between muhammad bin salman and president trump or the trump administration.

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