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On partisan congressional budget office says the republican tax proposal would add one point seven trillion dollars to the debt although the republican leadership has maintained that the cost would be offset by economic growth this new price tag is certainly a setback democrats are releasing their own plan and house minority leader nancy pelosi says makers should come up with a bipartisan solution abc's lana zak in washington challenge nick viall john six people killed sunday in church in the nation's fourth deadliest match you to the president trump in china vice president pence took on the role by controller in chief i hope that background and believe we'll send a chorus of prayers for their hearts into the heart of heaven for these families for the community mr trump is in beijing where he huddled with chinese president this morning in front of your representatives in my representatives was discussing north korea uh i believe the solution to that as you do was he show boat asia there's video of a small plane crash will retire meanwhile arrived day some of questioned the lowaltitude maneouvres halliday a pilot with seven hundred hours flight time was performing at the time had not what's that transportation sure we be taking we look at everything a federal judge in new york city granted permission for a psychologist to examine drug lord joaquin guzman of brooklyn jail where he is charged in a drug trafficking case his lawyer says el chapels memory is failing wall street the dow closed up six points you're listening to abc news doors are being slammed in your.

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