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A music video this morning on Jackson street bridge are hit by. A driver police gave the. Rappers a ticket for being on the road they are both in the hospital but are going to be okay the driver was not. Cited Lanier tech, says, it was a. Mistake when they ask a job applicant to sign a pledge that he's not a communist professor Bill Ellen Burke says, Lanier technical college demanded. He signed a pledge saying he is. Not now nor ever has been a member of the communist party Lindbergh says you can't do that And the American Civil Liberties. Union backs, him up demanding the college knock it off. Immediately well. A college now says it was all a mistake they're not sure how that formed got an employment packet Ellen Berge response involves words we're, not allowed to say on the radio of course he did, not take the job now we told you about. The Trump, administration's plans for a new branch of the military the space force in. This morning ABC's Martha Raddatz reports that. The Trump campaign's already working on an official emblem no sooner did vice president. Pence roll out the plans for a space force than the. Campaign reached out to supporters to choose their favourite space force. Logo the intention to sell merchandise to support Trump Pence in twenty. Twenty and we are hearing. From you about this new space force the question we asked do you think it's a good idea what do we need space force. For spilled a, space, wall make martians. Pay for from the open mic and the WSB radio app another jokes maybe buzz light year can head up the, command but this listen Tells us it's no joke and he'd like a. Better explanation eight percent, of America that is taking a joke? And thinks that we're about to go fight buzz light year another says it's about time America takes the space race seriously Bill Caiaccio..

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