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Morning with your host gordon deal do not underestimate us good morning i'm gordon deal along with jennifer kushinka is wednesday november eight thanks for being with us and here's what we have for you this hour president trump has sent another warning to north korea that also offered a hand here his remarks from earlier today in south korea new details on the background of the gunman who carried out the texas church massacre on sunday turns out he had escaped from a mental hospital no real surprises on election day a pair of democrats one given a toil races route north of tech virginia law film murphy was victorious in new jersey and how america's love of caffeine is led to a bit of a problem for coffee shops number of kapisa grown by about fifteen percent couldn't get the last five year created a bit of a problem for both large chain and independent wall street journal reporter julie jargon on the nation's coffee problem here how copy shops are starting to hurts she's here in about twenty minutes president trump is extending a hand in north korean leader kim jong own while also warning him of the potential consequences of his nuclear weapons program in an address to the south korean national assembly today he said to the north quote this is a very different administration than the united states has had in the past asked we will not allow american cities to be threat with the structure we will not be intimidated president called on mr kim to abandon his country's nuclear weapons programme seeing if pyongyang were to do so quote we will offer a path that leads to a much better future we dream some of highways connecting north and south of cousins embracing cousins and this nuclear nightmare replaced with the beautiful promise of peace mr trump painted a bleak picture of life in north korea saying citizens bribe government officials to be sold into slavery rather than remain in their own country and ethnically inferior unborn children are aborted or killed after birth the president departed shortly afterward for china back here in the state's democrat ralph north them has won the virginia governorship beating republican ed gillespie the associated press declared mr north on most recently the lieutenant governor winner in the race to succeed democratic governor terry mcauliffe giving their party another four years when someone fly at state they don't care whether you're a.

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