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Brian Alvarez <Speech_Male> here. Wrestling <Speech_Male> observer, live <Speech_Male> Mexican proverbial <Speech_Male> so wrestling, observer <Speech_Male> dot com. <Speech_Male> Hamish <Speech_Male> does not like <Speech_Male> the twenty four seven title. <Speech_Male> It's not the attitude <Speech_Male> area says <Speech_Male> the twenty four seven <Speech_Male> thing is just not funny <Speech_Male> anymore, <Speech_Male> but I guess some people love <Speech_Male> it. Here's the deal <Speech_Male> twenty four seven title. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> It's only <Speech_Male> it's just <Speech_Male> given the geek something <Speech_Male> to do <Speech_Male> the main eventers <Speech_Male> want nothing to do with <Speech_Male> it. <Speech_Male> If some <Speech_Male> people like it, fine. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Female> I <Speech_Male> right now <SpeakerChange> do not see a <Speech_Male> problem with the twenty four seven <Speech_Male> title. It's an <Speech_Male> extra something <Speech_Male> for people to do that <Speech_Male> aren't normally on television. <Speech_Male> It's really <Speech_Male> not getting in the <Speech_Male> way of anything. <Speech_Male> I don't think <Speech_Male> it's I don't think it's hurting <Speech_Male> the show. <Speech_Male> And if some people <Speech_Male> think that it makes <Speech_Male> the show a little bit better <Speech_Male> than I'm fine with <Speech_Male> that. It's a useless <Speech_Male> title. <Speech_Male> I mean, there's literally <Speech_Male> no point to it, <Speech_Male> but it is <Speech_Male> something little extra <Speech_Male> that can be done. I don't think <Speech_Male> it's going to boost the <Speech_Male> ratings in any way. <Speech_Male> But it's <Speech_Male> something to me, that is <Speech_Male> harmless, <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> now it boosts social <Speech_Male> media numbers <Speech_Male> and the love that, <Speech_Male> and there's a lot, <Speech_Male> they do on social media, <Speech_Male> that nobody sees anyway. <Speech_Male> So maybe <Speech_Male> seeing <Speech_Male> some of this stuff might get <Speech_Male> people the staying <Speech_Male> on and seeing some of these <Speech_Male> videos that they put <Speech_Male> out that are usually very good <Speech_Male> that you don't see <Speech_Male> on WWE TV. <Speech_Male> So <Speech_Male> yet, and I like psych <Speech_Male> eggs, you know, like <Speech_Male> everybody else who's <Speech_Male> listening to this show. I mean, <Speech_Male> there's a place for <Speech_Male> sports entertainment, <Speech_Male> now, three hour show, <Speech_Male> you can definitely have <Speech_Male> like the Benny hill segment. <Speech_Male> It's just if <Speech_Male> the thing becomes to <Speech_Male> overdone. Done with it. <Speech_Male> Then, then yeah, we're gonna have <Speech_Male> a problem if it's in every <Speech_Male> single segment <Speech_Male> somebody running through the <Speech_Male> screen. <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> All right. We're at time. <Speech_Male> Everybody is noted <Speech_Male> if you go to my Twitter right now <Speech_Male> at Bryan Alvarez, <Speech_Male> there is a <Speech_Male> statement for myself <Speech_Male> regarding <Speech_Male> the Marco stunt <Speech_Male> match over the weekend. <Speech_Male> The videos available <Speech_Male> at <Speech_Male> independent wrestling <Speech_Male> dot <Speech_Male> TV I <Speech_Male> urge all <Speech_Male> fans of black <Speech_Male> label pro <Speech_Male> independent wrestling dot <Speech_Male> TV and <Speech_Male> the stunned family, not <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> to watch this match <Speech_Male> as I <Speech_Male> have filed suit requesting <Speech_Male> one thousand <Speech_Male> dollars per <Speech_Male> play. And <Speech_Male> boy, <Speech_Male> it's going to be some <Speech_Male> money coming, my way, <Speech_Male> do not watch it <Speech_Male> if you'd like to support <Speech_Male> the family. Although as noted <Speech_Male> if you don't like <Speech_Male> the family watch <Speech_Male> it ten times, <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> we'll celebrate <Speech_Male> together in the end <Speech_Male> when thank you for <Speech_Male> listening. Mike is always <Speech_Male> callers and listeners talk to <Speech_Male> you next time a wrestling <Speech_Male> observer live. <Speech_Male>

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