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PD energy. I'm live from the Collision Specialists Studios. Well, kind of in the bow on this one broncos win, they get their first win of the season they win thirty seven to twenty, eight and kind of a mixed bag Brett ripen was was really good in moments and obviously those picks were rough. But I think the broncos answered a question didn't they? They have a backup quarterback that they can be somewhat confident in. Obviously your backup quarterback is not going to most of the time be amazing. That's why there are backup. But. I think Brett Rippin who was on the practice squad. To a week and a half ago. I, mean he earns something last night I. Think he did. Got Jeff Driscoll who's WHO's a little bit faster and can move around a little bit better keep him there. But what do you do with Blake Bortles now is Blake Bortles now the backup to Brett Rippin or is it Jeff Driscoll Because now that we've got a full, you know by the time, we get to ten days in a few locks still can't go. Does bortles out he dress out for the New England game. But you know what Brett ribbons performance was wasn't great but. For where he is where he was right before that game. I'll take that I. mean. It may be a different story if that pick six seals the game. He was like through about was would you say eighty percent of that game I? Think we were all pretty good same. Wow. For Ribbons way better than driscoll. We'll take this and then then you had a couple of picks and kind of came down to Earth a bit. But a hell of a performance by Brett ripping I'm more more impressed with the guy that I. Am you know upset about the the turnovers the interceptions the run game it was nice to see Melvin Gordon get going. He had twenty three carries for hundred seven yards. Can sometimes be deceiving though. Now, he had a forty three yard touchdown that last one when he bounces out when it's just like a traffic jam in the middle of field, he bounces out Brett. Rippin has the wherewithal to. As he's watching, Gordon, get stuck on that that heap in the front he's already rolling out to his left and getting ready to make block because he knows what Gordon's getting ready to do. He knows he's getting ready to bouts it and go left. So I loved that play. It was a kind of a mixed for me the offensive line they were making some holes for him, but Gordon just looks a little a little off sometimes running. Again he had one, hundred, seven yards. He is one of those guys. It's GonNa. kind of pick out lanes. He's GonNa, Kinda bad bouts around once he gets that football pick out lanes to Philip, lenses your one cut and go guy, which is why it's such a Nice Combo. DENVER, does not want to give the ball to Royce Freeman. He had three carries for six yards in this one So the rushing attack. I mean one hundred yards hard to complain about it. But hopefully can keep getting better as as the weeks. Go along here very impressed with Tim Patrick six receptions hundred thirteen yards, one touchdown justin, Adams from from CBS. News Channel Four was talking to us about Noah Fan and it does sound like fan is okay. Sounds like he's going to be go for that new. England game. So I was impressed with ten Patrick, Jerry Judy is going to show US probably more more and more some of the crazy things he can do that touchdown catch he had was absolutely nuts. So I'm pumped about that Nick van Ad van at citing had one catch for seven seven yards. So offensively, you have a few things you can take from that. Gordon got a good had a good stat line. Offers of lines still needs to work in my opinion Tim Patrick has been the unsung hero for this team. Jerry Judy shows us a little bit of that explosive side on the defensive side. Now A lot. You Know Justin Simmons was all bad in that game but what sticks out in our mind? was. The No. Tackle on Sam Darnold Sam Darnold. Look like Jackson on that play not really. That's what's sad about it. He just kind of rolled along with it. He's mobile. There's no I I have no idea how that happened. You know they're going to be watching that over and over and over again. But that's been tough. Simmons has not had a great start to the season and the broncos franchise tag him. Now, you're starting to wonder you know starting to see why I hear some of the arguments. Well, when you franchise players be careful because they know they don't know where their future is and they might not give you their best. Then they're not going to get the best. They're not going to get that Nice contract next year whether it's from the Broncos are a different team. So I. Need to see better I said it yesterday I see I need to see I. Need to see Kareem Jackson Justin Simmons and Bradley Chubb Step Up Will Bradley Chubb at a Nice Game Cream Jackson moments too. But trump had the two and a half sacks the five quarterback hits I mean he was putting pressure on Sam Darnold. So it was nice to see him bounce back after kind of quiet start after the injury from a year ago. And all the talk about. Well, you should've stuck with Shaq. Barrett. which I mean. That's a tough one because I like probably my goodness Colorado State undrafted. The Great Story Great Guy Too. So that's a tough one. So as impressed there for Bradley Chubb to make that bounce back and then like I said earlier Michael Oj Moody, you might have another corner here folks. Price, Callahan's been playing better AJ. Boy was placed on that I are had a texter earlier call me out on that always placed on that I are which means he would be eligible though for the New England game, it was it was three weeks from when they placed in there. So he is eligible if they want if they can clear if he's healthy so potentially could play. That would be suddenly you're looking at a cornerback crew based on the play we've seen all right Michael J. Moody is getting better. Price Callahan's recovered from that injury that kept him out all season last year and he's proven to be a pretty decent cornerback. So. There's some there's some positives there but you need these ten days to get better guys got to get better and that's that's kind of the big takeaway from this one I use stole it. Somehow some way you're not and four you're not as big a train wreck is the jets but here we are first advantage text line three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one. Nine, nine six. Injuries I mean I've never seen anything quite like. I mean yesterday you're seeing or last night you're shelby Harris came off the field twice. Then with Bradley Chubb, he was he was Kinda limping off the field. Once he was able to give it a go and then get another sack later. But. Now, it's just to this point where you saw fantastic carted off and you're thinking. How much more can this team take? I don't know that I've ever seen anything quite like. Forty six minutes after the hour we'll take a short break colfax before we do that GonNa,.

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