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Examine dot org and click on events. You'll see cia there. That's where we teach you how to present the evidence for christianity and how to answer questions in a hostile environment. I'll be your instructor. Along with gregg cocoa gail j wallace natasha crane lisa childress brett cocoa. Several others will be instructors with you there for three full days august twelfth to the fourteenth out at calvary chapel chino hills. One of my favorite churches in america led by the great jack. Hibs so i hope to see you out there if you can squeeze into cia. You'll need to squeeze in the next ten days because the deadline is twenty. Fifth is a june fifteenth and we can only take sixty people so check it out there. Okay we're talking today. About how dr richard. Welcome in his book. Jesus in the eye witnesses demonstrates that the new testament writers must have been eyewitnesses and this is just one line of evidence out of many and it has to do with names. Let's do a little fun. Investigation into names Let's go back to the nineteen sixties. I was born in nineteen sixty one and one of the things that our government does very well. It keeps track of names. And if you go if you if you type in duck duck go your search engine there and you type in names. Top names by decade. You'll you can search the top names that were given to children in every decade according to the social security administration. What do you think the top names were given to boys in the decade of the nineteen sixties from one thousand nine hundred sixty two nine hundred sixty nine. Then we're going to look at the last decade from twenty ten to twenty thousand nine hundred okay. Here are the top ten names given by decade or given of two boys in the united states between one thousand nine hundred sixty and nineteen sixty nine number one michael while just going to go through the top ten. Michael david john. James robert mark william richard thomas. And jeffery those are the those were the top ten names given between one thousand nine hundred sixty one thousand nine hundred sixty nine now. Frank was number forty three. Nobody names their kid. Frank not even in the sixties maybe earlier than that but to family name. That's why my name's frank. Okay what do you think. The top ten male names were in the decade of twenty ten to twenty nineteen. You're ready here. They are noah. Liam jacob william mason ethan michael alexander james and elijah. Now how do those hula compare. Three names Three male names in the decade of the nineteen sixties made it to the decade of the twenty tens. Although they're in different order. Michael james and william are in both lists everything else is different. The other seven names are all different between the nineteen sixties and the twenty tens in fact noah liam and jacob were the top three names in the two thousand. Ten's they were not even in the top two hundred names in one thousand nine hundred and one thousand nine hundred sixties. That's how much different the names were just in about sixty years fifty or sixty years. Okay now how about the women. What were the top names for women in the decade of the nineteen sixties here. They are top ten lisa. Marie's susan karen kimberly patricia. linda donna. Michelle and cynthia okay. Here are the top ten names for the last decade. Two thousand ten to two thousand nineteen for women. You ready here. They are emma. Olivia sophia is a bella. Eva mia abigail. Emily charlotte and madison. Did you notice. There is no crossover at all. The names are completely different in the top. Ten between the decade of the nineteen sixties and the decade of the twenty tens the top. Three women names in the nineteen sixties lisa. Mary and susan hardly appear in the top. Two hundred and the twani tens in fact. Lisa and susan don't appear in the top two in the top two hundred and mary which was the second most popular name in the nineteen sixties in the twenty tens. Maria's at one hundred and twenty seven right after kinsley trinity and brielle after trinity. Kinsley and brielle. Do you see how much different the names are in. just fifty or sixty years. They changed dramatically. You say what is this all proof. Frank well what. Richard baucom does in his book. Jesus in the eye witnesses is. He does the same sort of thing except he does it. In first century israel or first century area known as palestine. And here's what he says in his book. What he does is he looks at a lexicon pulled together by a researcher in israel her name is tall eilon and in in two thousand and two. She looked at manuscripts papyrus. She looked at ossuaries which were burial boxes. She looked at inscriptions. She tried to gather as many names as she could from three thirty. Bc to about two hundred day although most of the names that she got were from the first century ad up to about the second early second century to up to about say one thirty five and what may be surprising is that we now know because of her research we now know as many as three thousand palestinian jews who lived during those five centuries from three thirty to about two hundred day. Here are the top names in the first in that period but most of these are from the first century majority or plurality them from the first century the top ten man names and the top ten women names according to this research. Now you're going to recognize many of these names because you hear about these names in the bible and that's the point. Okay here are the top ten man names from that period. Simon joseph lazarus judas. John jesus and a nias jonathan matthew matthias and manan. Those are the top ten man. Names top ten women names. Mary salone shalem. My'son hadn't heard that before. Martha joanna safira bernice emma maira and cyprus. Those are the top ten names now. Here's the interesting thing. This ranking of names is very close to the ranking in the new testament now back in two thousand twelve. I wrote a column on this on our blog. The cross examined blob. You can still see it from may twenty four two thousand twelve. It's evergreen okay. Because there's no there's no current event in here you go back and read it and it's still fresh and the title of it is. What's the name new evidence for the eyewitness testimony in the new testament. Let me just up some of the things that baucom found which you can read about in this blog i wrote back in may twenty four twenty twelve because he those top ten names at all. Those names found in. Ill leon's lexicon of over. Three thousand names here is what baucus concluded. Forty one percent of the men in first century. Palestine bore one of the nine most popular male names while percent of the men in the gospels and acts bore one of those names and he says that's a remarkable correlation. Isn't that amazing. They line up almost.

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