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Anyway. Yeah, he he's a very good horse. And he's run some fast speed figures. And you know, there's certain things to like about him. He's horse. She can't just throw out. He's one by open links. I have to question the competition. He's been facing. But but he certainly is a is a talented horse and not not one to sneeze at. So there's there's good horses in in both races. I mean. Gunmetal grey. He's a longer shot in his division race number ten. He's in the second division with game winner, but ten to one on the morning line. Here's a horse that is a great estates. When are having won the sham to starts back at Santa Anita. And then last time out second behind mutual Gustavo in the great three Robert b Lewis and bring up those two horses in particular because we are going to be joined right around eight thirty five eastern by the hall of fame trainer. Jerry Holland door to talk about those two, and he'll also weigh in by the way on the situation at Santa Anita. And some of the news coming out of there this past week, which we will have plenty of discussion about over the course of the next two hours but gun metal grey. I've said it before he's one of my favorite horses in training. I think he's a legit horse. And it'd be interesting to see how he handles himself today at Oaklawn park. He had no chance to win the rubber balloons outweigh the ratio up. And he ran a terrific race. I know he got beat four and three quarter links by mutual Gustav, but Muccio Guzzo pretty much, you know, had the race to who. Upfront and gunmetal Grey's never gonna win a race wouldn't a horse goes wire-to-wire because it's not going to be him. Yep. Has a tremendously turn of foot and his race was excellent. It was it was a terrific race in. He's a horse to be reckoned with for sure. So yeah, it's it's nice to see him in there. He's he's got talent Omaha beach one by nine leagues for Richard Mandell. He came back and worked one ten in three Alameda, that's very unmanned della liking has a ton of speed and a lot of talent. And he had a quarter crack they patched that. He's been training great ever since. And we'll see what happened. If you're wondering about the way the points were divided for the two divisions. The winner of each of those divisions will be awarded thirty eight points toward a spot in the starting gate of the Kentucky, Derby place, fifteen third place eight and fourth place, we'll get four points, and that's four that's the same for both divisions. So so the winner. Essentially punching their ticket to the Kentucky Derby, even though they won't get the big points total they're going to get thirty eight and for most of these horses. Many of them already have point. So they'll add that to their total and that should be enough to get them in. So it's it's virtually a winning you're in in two divisions today. Yeah, it's hard to believe that thirty points wouldn't get you into yet it typically that's the number. I mean, it's well above the number that you would need to get into the starting gate that may be the only points race being run today for the Kentucky Derby, but it is not necessarily the only Kentucky, Derby prep, the private terms. Stakes up at laurel is another race, featuring the three year olds and features a pretty good horse in always mining who's going to be the heavy favourite. They're four to five on the morning line. Three year old gelded son of stay thirsty trained, by Kelley rube. -ly who is going to be with us in about five minutes from right now after our first commercial break and always mining a speedy horse..

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