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That goes for the MBA, where we're only a few weeks away from a resume season. That will feature a championship celebrated unlike any other a championship that I'm sure everyone will want to celebrate just anywhere but Disney world. I've been Robin Lundberg here with you on the fan. It's been fun here on this Sunday afternoon. Everybody enjoy. The rest of your weekend. 196 Boomer NGO Wake you up every morning from sit affair, you would be a Great insurance agent because you can convince anybody that the worst possible thing is going to happen. I'm surprised you were probably the guy that convinced Wimbledon of pandemic in 100%. And look at that paid off. Yeah, Open you are the guy tell you I don't know it's been. It's really been a slow transformation over the last six months or so, but but you are officially and I mean, it's official with a stamp glass. Half empty air bag went off and everything else. The car was totaled. But if you were in the sedan would be a headless funeral. Whether your home on the road or it works. Listen to more NGO on your smart speaker, Mobile device computer or on the radio that sports radio 1019 FM and Sports Radio 66 w F A N W F A N FM New York Jack Pocket is now helping you play official.

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