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School counselor had Travis Knight. Mike chiropractor had Mark Mattson? Lebron? What's that scrub? Brought me nothing. Man. Gimme my freaking rings peace out. Let's go home and watch ourselves on the news. God that was embarrassing. Back to the phones it is officially smack off season. This guy has a standing invite to any smack off. He wants to be a part of. No, he is not want it. But he's that good right to the front of the line Mark in Boston. Mark. What's going on, man? How are you? No time for Rick. Absolutely, right, man. The odds are off. High on the list quantity has never been better than quality, dude. Ask the Canadians Jimmy. I gotta hit on John beeline super bomb to hear the coaches moving on to the NBA. I mean, it would be really bad. If like someone had a tattoo of the guy on his arm or something that would be really embarrassing, but HBO way to get one of the most remarkable and wanted figures for a cameo and have it land fled on face. No. I'm not talking about left blowing up that absolute layup. Larry Brown talking about blowing up literally Aaron Rodgers on game of thrones good job guys. Speaking of the odds, Jim. Stick out. I in Green Bay has the third highest us to win it plus five hundred very nice, Steve if you're gonna make a joke about the wait at least make it accurate, plus three twenty five or something. Carla's in the field. World we ever compete in a contest where you need a fake tough guy voice role play. And even though the winner is predetermined, Brad. Speaking of Brad, good, bro. You're really going to get along. With brad. You both shave your entire body. Slip into barely fitting underwear have dudes all over you. My point is Carl you're gonna do just fine. We may not have macho man Randy savage, but we do have Nacho man Caleb in Green Bay aka the Bunder taker but that guy's never wrestling life. So no worries there we don't have do in the field name Dirac. But we've got a guy like new from Arkansas that looks like he's smokes them. We do have a couple of good brothers. Those two losers Tolleson. I mean, they haven't been relevant twenty years, but neither is the WWE. So digress. Jim every wrestler has finishing move. So I'm gonna go RSVP here. GM you can officially count me in for the snack off Jimi. Let me tell you something on June twenty twenty-first get into a cage. You hear that? You hear that? Midwest mafia, all you clowns down. You do it rack alvie. Mark im-, Boston savage. A love that RSVP not every part of that RSVP some that could have got him running probably should have except we know where he will be the day the smack off. He could win it. You gotta be in it to win it. And he's in it. He's talking about the odds. Stuck out the odds? I've got thoughts on the odds as well. Taking a run at my man. The good, bro. The good, brother. I don't need to stick up. The good, brother. He can handle was owned business. We know this. NPR says back news back again. I don't know what Laker fans complaining about. I've brought championships to the Lakers. Regards Dwight season news. Anything different. Right. And I'm still NFL hall of Famer, and I'm not lame. But he tell me any different. So I'm walking around on my muster jacket. Well, I'm in the hall of fame Rome, you've never played football. Luckily, nobody told me any different I'm in the hall of fame asked white. No matter how career ends no matter that I've never played football. I I'm still in the NFL hall of fame. Jamie. Green Bay tweets the clipper broS were way, cooler than these Laker broS turn-up. Love you guys. Awesome way. Cooler just like the clipper organization is way better than the Laker organization right now..

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