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Was tested a license and when bargain sutherland some north america sales what he did exploring underwater ranks are one of the coolest things you can do with a dive greg the guy master and offs plain why they can also be the most challenging that it's good but it has brought to you by dan divers alert network dan helps divers in need of medical emergency assistants with the dan hotline in as the most recognized and trust that organization worldwide in the fields of dive safety an emergency services health research and education joined again today by going to ten dot org dan your dive safety association only a lower than underwater shipwreck is undeniable and most are easily explored from the outside however is inviting answer reckoning seem never entering underwater structure without proper training in orientation win anything of structure direct path to the surface the mastery of additional guidance skills are needed to mitigate the risks get properly trained for boarding the shift dive ended dan dot org for more info on this guber radio to give the urge to hit radio portland john added a weekdays at noon on news ninety four point three fm and nine seventy am it's not talk with rich paul live local law now it on ninety four three kane us now here are richfield allen and paul cash in by fifty any more minutes to the program a big honor today of four highs in our medical center being ranked first in riverside in san bernardino counties in us news and will departs best hospital annual rankings hit a join us somebody has got to be put out of the peacock they accept that honor hospitals executive vice president chief operating officer marte mets yellow joins us martin congratulations in what did you guys find out you're being honored this way the first of all this is a research poignant and chief executive officer we get a big guy yes so i i get the pleasure alright talking to you i just found out basically eat today are yesterday late and obviously when he are still with both tried and excitement because.

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