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Reason to bring on the bacon Always be bacon ating. My king WBC's traffic on the threes. All right, in the four day forecast, the sponsored by the North Atlantic State Carpenters union, we get that from Mac, you others, Brian Thompson. We have a fairly quiet week of weather ahead. In the short term. We still have the storm system sitting offshore could provide a sprinkler Fleury toward the cake tonight, otherwise a good deal of clouds. Lows in the twenties and the suburbs about 30 for low downtown. Mainly cloudy tomorrow, There will be a few Sprinkles and flurries around maybe a couple of rain and snow showers toward the South shore in Cape Point of our around 35. Straightening Fleury tomorrow night. Otherwise mostly cloudy, low 31 back to a little more sunshine. Then for Wednesday and Thursday detectors both days will be near 40. I'm angry about the meteorologist Brian Thompson WBZ Boston's NewsRadio 34. Partly cloudy in Boston at 6 55. There's a reason the top builders in the North Atlantic states use union carpenters. Factor of three quality value and trust Bill your business with the North Atlantic States Carpenters Union visit NES RCC dot or g'kar. Local father daughter duo is rocking the house after their jam session went viral WBC's match here has their story. Frank Leconte from East Boston is raising his daughter on a healthy diet of rock and roll loves classic rock in general. So when he brought four year old Josephine to his practice space, she wanted to hear some guitar tonight stumbled upon tush by DZ top in the Aspiring rock star went right to the Mike Hey.

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