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Byron York. Firing. You and I are being accused on Twitter trying to erase Donald Trump from the Republican Party. I don't think so. I think we're looking forward. Both of us seem to have figured out that The way forward is a McConnell lead way and McCarthy lead way that affairs summary of your view of where the Republicans find themselves. Well, you may have heard that Trump will no longer be president after noon tomorrow. Correct. So, look, I think the news just turns A zit always does. To a new president. So I mean, I was listening to your discussion with David about immigration. And of course, it's going to turn to what the news is. I think this is kind of following the news, as opposed to being obsessed with Trump that that is exactly what I think. Now. Let's go to what The President Biden soon to be President. Biden has proposed You heard my conversation with David. Do you think the Biden proposal is an opening bid or a line in the sand? It's an opening business, but, um there's a good chance I believe of something passing. And maybe not all that different from what Biden is proposing. Did not say that is that I covered the gang of eight negotiations really, very closely back in 2013. And you may remember that the gang of a comprehensive immigration reform bill got 68 votes in the Senate. Unanimous Democrats and we'll do about 14 Republicans. About a third of the Republican conference in the Senate voted toward Theo only reason it did not become law. Is because John Boehner, the House speaker's stopped it in the house. Ah, lot of conservatives like dunk on John Boehner. But that would become all if if Boehner had given it a vote, essentially, so he is the one You really stopped the gang of eight bill..

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