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For several reasons but I mean it's just a a logical step. Her being worried about it and her reaction. Luckily didn't you know scare anybody away because okay. So cody puts you up. You're supposed to be secure in your six personalize you have to fake that you are. Oh. Don't me up a scientist whatever you know don't tell him that but you gotta be confident. So I mean she saw the writing on the laws she knew that she needed to possibly win if not gonna go up but I think she should have still maintained her composure and she went up talk a whole bunch of people. It's not that big of a deal I, mean not. At least. Okay we saw Kevin and David have conversation and I do feel like that. Big Brother twenty two has had a lot of things that have gone well, but I think that they have done a good job this season maybe not every episode but you know once or twice a week they give us like a real conversation between the house guests and we got to hear how Kevin felt like that. You didn't really fit in with anybody in this group and. that he didn't necessarily wasn't able to bond necessarily with the black guests felt like that he wasn't necessarily considered to be part of the what the black houseguests we're going through but also felt like did not feel like that he was accepted by the other group. Wasn't even really discussed also that Kevin is gay as well, which is an another part of his interest analogy. Yeah. I thought that this was You know a really compelling conversation between Kevin and David. Yeah absolutely I mean I was worried after case or was gone after. Yvonne. Was Gone that we were gonNA lose this kind of stuff because that's where the meat of all of these great conversations were coming from early on in the season case going out, and then you know the with Dave on going out this week and then Bailey he's been gone. It's like the people who were talking about really important things and not about lake. Californians not being real like that was concerning. But yeah, the, what's what what Kevin talking about was fully worthwhile you know to be expressing on his own end for us to be hearing nobody wants to feel like their identity is not valid in the eyes of everybody else around them like you want to you know you want people to see you for who you are not like that conversation with Yvonne definitely struck a chord with him like he talked about it in this conversation he brought it up a couple of different times and I believe that him and Hash it out I don't WanNa. Like confirmed that, but I think that they talked about it and you know they got back on the same page but it was nice to at least get more of that like real life talk brought into when it's kind of been slipping away from the picture of the show. So yeah. Yeah. How `bout catered with the PEP talk also like you're Kevin Campbell that's who you are. Y-. And so like I thought his questioned to date, it was pretty interesting when he saw. David. How how would you define me inundated had the right answer he was like, how did you want to? Find You I know coming from the black community for me whenever I have mixed friends or mix people that I know we always ask we always ask what do you want to be presented as because each person is an individual shocker including black people people are individuals. So when Davis said, well, what do you WanNa present as what do you? What do you consider yourself and and Kevin was like well, I don't really you know I know I mixed Japanese and data. So that's that's what is your black Giannis and that's what you are and it's different with everybody like I know people who who are. Saying. They'll. They'll just claim black because that's their identity and then I know other people who are saying. It's really how you want to be perceived and with Dave and Kevin Dave von comes in. From her perspective and if I am going to step into her shoes for two seconds as a black woman who is also about the same complexion as her when when she says, I look at the winner's circle, I don't see myself that she's talking about us. She's talking about like a black who was like a full black person it does not mean she is trying to take away Kevin's identity. She saying from her perspective doesn't see anybody who looked like her and arm my. My experience is not going to be the same as Kevin's experience for multiple reasons because of his racing ethnicity because of his sexual identity and stuff like that, and it's two different experiences and to to act like it's not as that's more racial than anything I think and it's almost like that answer that Julie gave to. Entertainment weekly when entertainment weekly said Dan talked about not seeing winners like her and Julie went into well, I don't think Josh or June or Casey was say those people are all people of Color? Yes they are. You cannot take that away from them, but their experience is not exact same as my experience David experience or even hell.

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