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Fox. Each episode comedian comes on to play a clip one of their jobs and it's how they wrote it and how it fits into what they're trying to do with their comedy. This week's guest is Hannah Gadsby starting comedy, two thousand six. Hannah came up in the Australian system of putting together new our set every year. Each recalled quirky things like kiss me. Quick Jubes or happiness is a bedside table, but it's fitting that a decade later she won't with a proper noun because Nanette took on a life of its own starting off by winning the top prizes at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and Borough Fringe Festival, two, thousand, seventeen to its release on Netflix in two, thousand, eighteen, which. which garnered an emmy and a peabody? All while becoming the most discuss special in the state since I'd say Chris Rock's nineteen ninety-six breakthrough pain internationally, it was probably the biggest special ever, but to Hannah who has for years pushed back on the idea of genius, thinking of it, not as a person, but an event, a combination of guys. That was all net. The net was the one who pushed back on the idea of joke, specifically in how they failed to tell the totality of the story, which leaves the audience off the Hook and confronting reality of the tellers trauma in that probably made a strongest case against self-deprecation, saying to be self deprecating when our son who lives in the margins is not humility. It's humiliation. By deliberately forgoing laughs to make audiences sit with stories of sexual assault and abuse. The net questioned comedy intern much of comedy debated, if even counted as Standup as acknowledges though she created a net in relative obscurity, though she was quite well known in Australia, the net was toward and released during the height of the I. Push The me too movement at a time when audiences were most ready to receive it. Be It positively or negatively. Comedy is often a matter of timing. But, then what does Hannah do next? It's a question that's even harder when you consider. The sort of special in net was a special where she said she was going to quit comedy, but also one where she spent the majority of it confronting comedy, questioning its ability to capture all. She wanted to say all she needed to say. So meet Douglas named after one of her dogs. It recently came out on Netflix in. It Hannah mostly tried to be I. Hope you're sitting down really funny. It has like a ton of jokes and more for example there is some structural inventiveness including that she starts shale laying out exactly everything. She's going to talk about during the hour. It's hard to say the special about one thing, but as hand, and I discussed. It's largely about showing you how she thinks the way she does then trying to explain why as she tells the story of her autism diagnosis as she puts it. It's meant to be a romantic comedy. The CLIP FROM DOUGLAS WE'RE GONNA play as the story Hannah tells about what was like growing up with autism before she knew she was on the spectrum as Hannah wasn't diagnosed until later in life, not coincidentally enough right before she started working on the net, so here is Hannah.

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