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First and Save Money on New Toyotas Hondas. Subaru's visit Fit small dot com Transparency You can trust Married to farm the W T o p traffic as we wait for the snow to arrive tomorrow. We've got some cold weather on our hands today. Lauren Records Yes, we dont temperatures staying in the thirties mid to upper thirties John. The good news is we don't have that rain. I'm sorry in the rain. We don't have the wind. Then we definitely don't have any rain today already. Snow. It's the calm before the storm. Well, we definitely don't have that win that we did yesterday. Pretty quiet out there. Today We'll have increasing cloud cover but mid to upper thirties Now, tomorrow we'll have snow. It's moving in between four and 7 A.m. tomorrow, pushing in from the South and West and pushing North and East most of the day tomorrow we'll have that accumulating snow for everybody and buying tomorrow or late afternoon through the evening. Don't start to lighten up and even transfer over to a little bit of rain South and east. Some mix around the D C area and staying some light snow to the North and west. So again, and most of the accumulating snow happened before about 7 P.m. tomorrow Where will pick up anywhere from about 4 to 8 inches, some higher totals north of D. C some lower, total south and east of D. C. Now, as we continue into Monday, we'll continue with some freezing drizzle some wintry mix some light stuff, Al Feras. We go through Monday, but Think cold air pulls back in Monday night so we could see this and is a few light snow showers Monday night and through the day on Tuesday where you could pick up another inch or two of accumulation s So again. This is kind of a three day thing beginning early tomorrow morning and not ending until about Tuesday afternoon With a few light snow showers. Temperatures out there now. 24 in Washington, Gaithersburg, 19, Leesburg, 21, Fredericksburg 25. All right, Lauren 6 11. Now A D C man who worked for a Bethesda law firm is now on the wrong side of the law charge..

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