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Hey alison. Hi, marco. So what is this new legislation that's fired up? Argentine women enough to take to the streets. Currently, the law only allows for abortion when a woman's life is at risk, or if she is the victim of rape, or incest, the Bill to legalize all abortions didn't pass last year. Thirty eight senators against and thirty one in favor with two obstruction. A final tally the rejected. Legalizing aboard today. It's international. Women's Health Day, and so members of the national campaign are going to submit a new legislation new Bill to legalize all abortions, not just ones where the mother's life is at risk. So he spoke with Victoria to Sorrento in windows at a city last week. Victoria is the head of the national campaign every woman or person has the right to the site to interrupt pregnancy up to the fourteen week of pregnancy. She said that she really wants to make it an international issue, and she's hopeful, and other abortion rights activists that I spoke with a really hopeful that if it doesn't get passed at the end of this year, it will get passed in the next couple of years. How does what's happening here right now, relate to what's happening in Argentina doesn't anti-bush activists and Argentina are also paying attention to what's happening in the United States? I was in the city about thirty forty five minutes outside of winnow side is called Qilmes and one of the volunteers from the save both. Lives campaign. That's the antiabortion campaign in Argentina. You know, he was really energized by what was happening in Alabama and Georgia. He named those two states specifically they have a lot of lawmakers on their side. They also have members of the media journalists who are on their side. Who would you say has the upper hand in this debate right now in Argentina supporters of abortion rights, or people who want to further restrict abortion, that is hard to tell Marco, because both sides say that the numbers are in their favor. I think if I would have to make an educated guess which I'm going to do, I would say that, it's the abortion rights side they wash rights activists. We'll find out more when we hear your stories reporter Allison at ETA covers gender for the world. She's just back from a reporting trip to Argentina, where women today we're celebrating and support of abortion rights, Allison thanks very much. Thank you. Marco, here's a quick look at a story, you'll hear tomorrow here on the world is about one result of the crisis in Venezuela that you might not have considered many people there. Fled into neighboring Colombia among them, Venezuelan doctors. They're reporting a disturbing number of preventable medical conditions. Among the migrants arrive in maternal mortality and infant mortality, malaria, the needles cases of HIV and syphilis, sick Venezuelans arrive in Columbia. We hear how serious that problem is on the show tomorrow. Hey, their world podcast listener. We're creating a newsletter to help keep all of you up to date with everything..

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