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Qet Away News Radio Live everywhere on the I. Heart Radio APP. Fox, 31 Pinpoint whether a few storms still possible tonight Low 66 40% chance for rain tomorrow High 82. It's 81 degrees in Denver. The race is on to knock down a wildfire near Evergreen late. The Elephant Butte. Fire has now burned 30 to 40 acres. Jefferson County has both air and ground crews working this fire, including a slurry bomber. About 700 homes were evacuated from upper Bear Creek Road south of Brock Forest Road. And east on Highway 73 structure protection is happening now. Evacuation centers have been opened at King Murphy Elementary and Evergreen Middle School will keep bringing you updates on this fire throughout the evening. Some big thunderstorms rolling across northern Colorado. A severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 11 tonight for the eastern third of Colorado. Well, what do you have liked to have played CSU and the Rocky Mountains showdown? CEO athletic director wreck? George says yes, but he's supporting a Pac 12 decision. You only play conference game, says college sports deals with covert 19. We all have the same protocols in place the same consistency across the board. And it gave us the most flexibility in scheduling those contest. A lot is undecided. Will games be moved or changed. Will football be played in the fall or spring? There are no answers yet, but if there is football, this use sports budget could take a fine if there is no football to seeyou sports budget could take a financial hit. In the neighborhood of $40 million. Charlie Blackmon is back with Iraqis after babbling Corona virus. Ah, a day and 1/2 of symptoms. And then after that, I started feeling much better. Blackman says. She's been feeling well really. For the past two weeks, he hopes to be ready for baseball's opening day, July 24th. Colorado Symphony is canceling all of its September and October performances, along with the Vienna Boys Choir concert and the 10 Tenors in November on Wall Street. A mixed day the Dow gained 11 NASDAQ fell to 27. The S and P 500 lost 30 points. Our Next news updated 6 30 I'm Cathy Walker K Away News Radio. 8:50 a.m. And 94 1 F advanced hair restoration. Using advanced F U E treatment has finally arrived in Denver. Michael Brown here you if you have a receding hairline, thinning hair or bald spots, or maybe all three like me. Well, you don't have to travel to L A or Seattle for the very best in hair restoration. Advanced hair has decades experience using this state of the art technology. This guaranteed 100% row.

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