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The fan Laurie Rubin said here with you got about another half hour then JJ comes your way you have questions questions are I see it on Twitter we're gonna get to some of these answers one is Carson Wentz injury prone that's a question on there was it a cheap shot the he David Clowney hit to the head was that a cheap shot of this since the end of that game was that offense of pass interference is that a blown call and then in terms of the giants in the head coaching situation who's the right candidate who makes the most sense what's the right choice where should the giants turn all of those you have questions we have answers eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six I'm gonna get into the giants coaching search in a moment I would also look ahead to next weekend and who you got which gives you most excited about and dialed in on so just a half an hour what's the do well said the phone first Jack on the Upper West Side with one on Jack Hey Lori happy new year new year to you too Jack always a pleasure to hear from you well you know I'm a you know a big baseball guy but it's only because our football team too been so hard to watch so long I I go back to Tarkington and Ron Johnson in Tucker credited so so you know but with major harder for me to be a football football fan otherwise and you know quickly decide with their cannery in Metcalf how those guys got so deep in the second round Johnny but but the the thing that you know I I'm I'm a dad with two kids and I played football and successfully and you know was a running back on the and scored a lot of questions so you know I know the house wanted used to run somebody over and I do say so I can have the you know you know I use my head you know to knock people down you know I mean I put my head right in there and you know was a physical advantage of times in and so with with with your heart issues on a great playoff weekend because there's some really fun games to watch great performances but what you know even yesterday there was a play in the fourth quarter where the buffalo quarterback went to the sideline and he took a fishing helmet shot right to the face really we know nobody even blink it was even mentioned by the announcers and and for me the fan I I I watch I can tell you how often you see routinely the helmet is used as a weapon in the sport and it is an instance it is as you point out with other quality areas refereeing it's so arbitrary about when it is interpreted as a as a hedge and I understand the whole idea of what of the person being a runner I was really impressed by Seattle writer you know Colin I'm saying that because you know it was kind of your yeah you got a clear going to ground come behind yeah thank god then on your head and you know I love I love sports a little contact the littlest us back and once you guys get their head scrambled and Anna and I want to still see it impact the game and at you know if they called the head shot on the bustle quarterbacks great Josh down that would be the first down any negatives they can easily that what about a first down to put them in for a position with the game on the line so who is very arbitrary but but it does trouble me seen these guys get whacked in the face by somebody charging you know like a bullet like a missile and it's sometimes it's it's it's it's so quick the they call it like a fraction I'm sorry that contracts yeah I I I I thought the Jack in thank you and thanks for the call is I agree with that I thought that the Seattle writer that we had on from the from the times I thought that Greg bell did do a really nice job from the Tacoma Tacoma Tribune did do a really nice job talking about that because you would expect that somebody from the local paper would be a little bit of a Homer sometimes and might have a tendency to say I don't think today beyond Clowney I don't think that was a late hit I don't think that were you know shouldn't be penalized or something like that and here's somebody who covers the team and he said quite the opposite you know his point was that make Google was already in there making the hit on once and that would have been sufficient to get went down to the ground and there was JB incline Clowney coming in late it was a late hit and it was a hit to the head now I agree with Greg bell I don't think it's hard to look into someone else's soul and say is something intentional or not but the speed of a football game when you watch something in real time is there an intent to hit someone in the head head to head your helmet to helmet and knock somebody out not somebody out of a game I don't think that that play elevated to that and I agree with Greg bell the writer had on earlier about that as well so I don't it's not something where I would've been kicking JVM Clowney out of a football game but it should have been penalized it was a very obviously it hit when you saw it happen at or an aunt and a helmet to helmet play when you saw what happened it should have been a penalty and then I what I do expect though is the JVM Clowney should expect a very I believe a large fine from the NFL and he's going to get a big fine for that play and I certainly hope really hope that Carson Wentz is okay you know taken away from that game and Hey are potentially whether that was brought to the hospital his wife asks it yeah we're we're seeing Fabio his wife fast to your escorted down to the locker room whatever it is but that he was really struggling and then you know you just hope that he is okay and and if the question is Carson Wentz injury prone you know what early in Matthew Stafford's career there was the whole label of he's injury prone and then we watched a period after those first couple seasons where Matthew Stafford was quite durable until the season and year after year and snap after snap an injury in it didn't matter if he was hurt and he played through it and he had a really nice long durable section of his career and I hope for Carson Wentz for his sake that he will get to that this year he was in there he played the whole season and he finally gets to start his first playoff game his fourth year in the league and that he was knocked out second series of the game I would not call the hit on Sunday something that I would label as injury prime that is something that could happen to to anyone now once may need to learn to slide feet first more often and and you can say maybe he's more reckless as a runner and needs to watch that that that might be fair but I don't think that that a late hit that you can expect to have a late hit to the head so that to me I'm not prepared to say is is injury prone what happened on Sunday few carts and once let's go do Tony online with foreign Tony Hey what's going on great you you're on one Erica not that you'll still great job thank you I really really appreciate that what you want to talk about tonight well I was gonna wonder what you think about like the whole change in the NFL like looks like we're going to Maryland and the art of reading about Brady in college I couldn't our situation where they may be added to our second they put our which you can on that well I think we just said terra so then on from The Boston Globe in her opinion which all deferred to because she's she's there and covering in Boston is that what she's not willing to guarantee it her best guess is the next season Brady and Belichick will both be back with the patriots and that they'll be there and and doing it again for another year that in terms of legacy for for Brady as well at you and just going out to play for another team in another fan base as well as in the case of the patriots and their reputation to they really want that to happen with the greatest player in franchise history and there's enough reasons to say that they will be back together but the other part of your question Tony that I think is interesting is are we seeing a changing of the guard and and that's something I've been thinking about and was thinking about all days but I either this weekend to watch Brady and even if he is still has some more left in the tank and to watch true breeze who yes yeah he played well in December but to it you know what we can have the double standard and and if we're gonna hold the Kirk cousins and say oh he doesn't play well in in the big game and then turn around on on Sunday and watch for cousins thoroughly out play drew Brees in a big game right at you know you never know at the time the you see it you don't always know was this the end was this the changing of the guard hi and all I have a feeling that we that it is and also you are manning has not only as a quarterbacks is yes rivers and and Ben Roethlisberger they all came into the league together and Roethlisberger yeah sure maybe he's yeah I think his intent is to be back and and playing next season starting for the Steelers again yet he obviously had a pretty serious injury it missed the season this year and and Philip rivers his his play really plummeted this year he was not that good for for the San Diego Chargers are they is that a team is river still with them in the off season or is there a pretty decent chance that San Diego are one of the teams that traffic quarterback in the first round in high in the first round this coming this coming draft so it is really interesting and I actually do think Tony that we're gonna look back on this season and say this is one thing right the trend toward his new work of running stock or boxes I leave him vulnerable I mean I I think that sounds like we've been or and I know they keep family this is the new style but I team can really build stuff when I'm running quarterback we sold like Michael's eighteen even are some of the quarterback here's the thing is inseparable been injury yeah right like RG three was probably you know what is the one of the better examples of a guy who just was susceptible to injury because of the running when I think about that and and thanks for the call Tony is that I think some of these young quarterbacks half to emulate.

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