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6 14 sports time with Kay and let's start with Iraqis not so much how they played, but what's going on in their organization. Good morning BK. Yeah, everyone. Marty, the Rockies had a rough start to their seven game road trip, and we'll get to that. But the organization announced yesterday that gentleman is Jeff Bright. It was leaving the team after 17 seasons with the club seven as a GM here, skipper But black on the conversation he had with right. It's Sunday. Well, I think we were. We were all surprised. We were shocked. Actually, Jeff told me Late yesterday afternoon after the ball game before we hopped on the airplane, and you know we shared a moment together in my office with the door closed and talked freely about a lot of things over the last five years Team Theo Great Visa was named team president and is in charge of overseeing the baseball operation as well. Little name a new interim GM and said in a statement. They'll hire a new general manager following the season on the field. It appeared the Rockies left their hot mats in Colorado, They were blanked in Game one of their three game series. San Francisco 12 nothing. It was a rough night for starter Austin Gummer. He didn't make it out of the second, giving up four runs in the first five in the second, allowing all nine Giants matters to batten the changing something that hasn't happened with Rocky since 2013 on the other side. Anthony DeSclafani pitched a complete game three hit shutout with nine strikeouts. They're also try to solve the mystery that is the Giants and Game two tonight, Cici Gonzalez. Goes for the rocks. Aaron Sanchez four San Fran, first pitch 7 45 Our coverage on Can we news radio and screaming free of charge and I heart radio comes your way. At seven. The Nuggets won their second in a row, beating Memphis for the second straight Monday of all Arena 1 22 96 following the game, head coach Michael Malone said he couldn't be happier with what he's gotten from his team of six and one since losing Jamal Murray for the year. I love all these guys, I really do. These guys bring it every night, they continue to fight, they continue to believe in themselves, and more importantly, believe in each other. And a non excited about these next 11 games on where we can go call the August 24 points. 15 rebounds. Michael Porter Jr led all scorers in the game with 31 that Doug's host the Pelicans Tomorrow Theater up their second straight at Saint Louis. For one last night. We'll head to Vegas tomorrow skate with the Golden Knights that sports I'm bringing Crystal Cohen, his radio Broncos Pops and Rocky's.

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