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But also you have a bunch of Republicans that don't want to be in the Senate. They want to be campaigning. For the re election. Cory Gardner, Susan Collins of Maine, Steve Daines in Montana, Martha McNally in Arizona. They don't be in Washington right now or at any point from now, until election day. They want to be on home campaigning to win their reelection, so it also is an election tactic. Keep them in town. But logistically they could do that they unless they're members of the Judiciary Committee, they on ly need to be there for the final vote. That's right. That's right. They really They really just need to be there for the final boat, unless if they're on the committee, But you know, Democrats are clearly tending and pulling out all the stops and we're going to see You know, maybe a walkout of of Democrats on the committee process maybe a walk out when the vote happens in the Senate floor. If they know they're gonna lose, we're so close to election. It's not beyond the pale to see them just Pull out all the stops every delaying tactic they have in their in their tool box and just try and push this thing in. You know, Part of it is a PR strategy. They may know they're going to lose anyways, but they're trying to get PR in attention on their message. So Brian darling, how many people have to be present for quorum to exist and therefore votes be allowed to happen in the Senate? We need a majority. You need 51 of the majority of those sworn to serve in this theoretically if just 51 Republican showed up. Would that be enough? Yeah. Yeah, that would be enough to have the corn present. But you know what Democrats I just stopped showing up. It's possible that you can force them to show up. It's possible that Mr O'Connell can say Oh, you guys won't have a corn call. Well, guess what. We're going to force you guys to actually show up because they're supposed to be here and he can commute from tactics to actually get some retribution on Democrats for employing that tactic. One of those tactics is the sergeant at arms, Khun Go and arrest members who refused to show up and bring them carrying Bob Packwood back in 1988. Was physically carried feet first into the United States Senate by Capitol police because he was he was compelled to do so. Yeah, I believe he suffered injury, too. And there's a legendary story. You know Lowell Weicker is a former senator, and he was a governor Connecticut back in the day Big guy in the Capitol Police. Couldn't get him back in the they They weren't willing Teo do everything they needed to do to carry him and because I believe it was like 6566 big guy, so they did do that Capitol Police were deployed two different Senate offices. You had senators hiding in their offices, locking their doors, not allowing the Capitol police and it was pretty entertaining story to read about, and they and they can kick in the door. They can physically go and grab these people because they're required to be there when they're required to be there. It's rarely rarely done. But what other kind of delay tactics can Democrats do here? The Senate sets its own calendar and Mitch McConnell Controls the Senate calendar. So is there any way that they could lard up the calendar? Try and put a whole bunch of new X wires? E. Before we get there, there's Michael Moore is pushing the idea that Democrats shut down the government. In order to stop this, but government employees, especially Capitol Hill employees, they're considered essential personnel so they'd still have to show up to work. They just wouldn't get paid. What? What can we look forward to? If There are if there's all the governors, they're taken off, and they're just going full bore ahead with trying to disrupt this procedures. Well, the birthing there was asked for, and they did this with a cabin on have done this in the past is asked for during the committee process, so we need more information. So we need more of a background check. Oh, something just came up. I mean, The same thing have Cavanagh and Democrats are saying, We need another background check. There's new information out there. So the last form or information, more background checks? We just don't know enough about this. This this this nominee. So you'll see that stalling tactic in the committee. You'll see them trying to hold the nomination over for a week, which is a tactic that's been employed. Where basically you just say, Hey, we need next week to consider the nominee. It's a courtesy that's always been extended probably will be again. But then you know, you may have a committee filibuster. Maybe you actually have senators on the committee. Just trying, talked about talk, gets him to two hours into the two hour rule and see how many how long they install the process of actually having a voting committee and then trying to get into the floor, you know, actually delivering the nomination from the committee to the floor. There's a whole process for that, too. So There's a lot they continued up toe stall this, but they can't defeat it. In the end, they're going to lose that. It's just a matter of how long they want to drag out this process. If they try to do a committee filibuster. Is there a way to break a community committee filibuster? Just basically let talk themselves out. I mean, at some point, you know they will still have to stop this. Basically in the committee. You can use the Senate rules on the committee. But it just never happens like you never have a situation where You have to impose the rules. And to be honest, I mean, if you're chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lindsey Graham, you probably have more power to just shut the process. Dante, Look, we're goingto vote. I'm scheduling it If you don't like it go pound sand, because the rules are very different. And they tend to use the Senate rules of the hole. So you wouldn't have liked the closure situation. You would just have the chairman saying. Guess what? We're going to vote now. If you have a problem with that, Constand cry about it, but we're going to just do it now. If you wanna have your big filibuster fight, you can have that in the Senate floor. What is the impact of of Chuck Schumer seemingly throwing down the gauntlet that we're going to object to everything? There will be no business conducted in the United States. Senator Is there another way they conduct business that they can't hold hearings. Well, think about it this way. So they're there right now, considering a bill that will fund the government, so there will be some things that will be left through some things absolutely necessary..

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