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Do what i just need you around the office more so you know it's funny every time i pop in or you get busy i should i should you should give me like a percentage that's all right folly glenn i don't know if that's true but i had to i drove up the wall lake yesterday to take some food and stuff up the cookies barbecue for cooking segments in a couple of weeks and i got hit with that i got ed draft you that ice and everything that little automatic four wheel drive function on my truck i i love that thing because i don't have it's not running a four wheel drive all the time but when you start to slip a little bit that four wheel drive kicks in and i'm telling you what it just makes it driving a little bit easier i like that and it's just not for the the ice and snow and stuff if you get out sloppy mud and stuff like that that traction control stuff's amazing album fields or anything just flick he'll just gate on its own and then kick right off when he needed more now i love that i love that feature on there so what are you doing today finding home today now joe wet joe at the we named her evie jayme good for you great had her wins dancer noon kind of laying low and i got the next four days off so i don't go back and allow all right well folks if you're offering the next four days i'm just gonna they have diapers formula and a whole bunch of other things that they need to pay for help a brother out league over karl chevrolet and if you need a new vehicle or just something new or do you go see smokey joe's smeltzer he's got a baby to pay for.

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