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That was the crack in case the one that was filed by Alice College in and sit the power. This was a case the joint election fraud case, and we have an update on that case in the center of the conservative Circus. We have centering. We have Terry Joe Neff. She's an investigative reporter for the Arizona Daily Independent and late yesterday, Terry Jo. The crack and lawsuit was dismissed. Remind us briefly what this case was about, and who brought it. Well, Good morning, Jane. So the 11 Republicans who would have been the ones to represent Arizona next Monday, when the electoral college meets, they're the ones that would have cast the vote. Arizona's 11 votes for President Trump if he had won the state's popular vote. They believe that, uh, there was constitutional violations, not just America, but county but statewide in the election, But the federal judge yesterday did not agree with their position. Um And she was quite forceful and her finding this court case came with a whole lot of ballyhoo. I mean, we're talking about released to crack, and they were information in this in this court case that was released at the unofficial hearing that took place here a couple of weeks ago. What did you make of the judge's ruling? You said that she was pretty forceful in dismissing it. Well, why Well, a lot of folks, um, some attorneys. I talked this last night and just been reading it. There's a bit of a disdainful or maybe even contemptuous tone. Um, I mean, some of the comments that she she makes is that you know their allegations of fraud fail in their particularity and plausibility. Um, she says that they they attached 300 pages of attachments, which are only impressive for their value their volume. And this is the big one. The various affidavits and expert reports are largely based on anonymous witnesses here, say an irrelevant analysis of unrelated elections. She was not happy with what Sydney Paolo and Lin Wood and you know that big power group of attorneys put forth to her. And and I think also, there's probably a lot of folks that we're waiting for the big Ah ha! Where's the evidence that everyone said we were gonna have? And maybe her attitude was because she, too, was waiting for all of that. It was a bit disappointed. We got Terry Joe Neff in the center ring of the conservative Circus. She's an investigative reporter for the Arizona Daily Independent. Terry Jo. Is it over now? Or do the plaintiffs intend to appeal? Oh, my God. It is not over James I'm Politan, who is the one Lone Arizona attorney who was on this team and has done so much of the work in all of the other other elections challenges He told us that the Arizona Republican Party has already authorized to do the emergency appeal on do one good thing with the judge's order. That least she's laid out a road map for the plaintiff's attorneys. So now they know where the the presumed shortcomings are and what they need to touch on to get this into the you know, all nine of the Supreme Court justices we talkto Alexander College and yesterday well, actually throughout this whole process, and he was just this fired up yesterday as he was when his first thing started, even when he was doing the other cases. I don't think he's necessarily the eternal optimist, but he really does believe that they do have something that they can go on. And he also said that whether they win or lose, I mean, even if they lose, they have a better shot at getting this before the Supreme Court. So when you're looking at the way he's approaching it, Do you think it would be approached different if Alice College it was handling it as opposed to the other attorneys? Well, I still think that your evidence has to be there, you know, and anonymous witnesses here say things like that. The judge is right that that isn't good enough when you are potentially asking a federal judge to overturn our entire 2020 general election. But there did seem to baby be a disconnect between the arguments that the out of state attorney put up to the judge. So who knows? You know, we could always Monday morning quarterback. Harry don't have from the Arizona Daily Independent. That case, I think is going to all those who try to get it before the Supreme Court. That's what Alex College it was telling us yesterday on. A lot of folks are sort of disheartened because there's so much evidence off fraud. And if you notice the fraud cases all across the country have been dismissed by various judges. People like what? What in the world's going on. But yesterday when Texas filed to the Supreme Court petition over 20 twenties, messed up election you had in the last week for hours 17 other states joined them. And Texas is arguing that the case is presented constitutional questions of the immense national consequences. They're saying that you know you're messed up math. You're one plus one equals 10. Million votes for for Biden is fraudulent and it should not impact our states who did our elections above the board. So this is very, very interesting. And a lot of the experts and the Trump administration is saying that this is the case. This is the most significant of the cases filed and it's the most significant because it isn't George just said completely outcome determine it. What does that mean? It means that If the court were to rule in favor of Texas, those four states. The states named in the complaint would in fact, have their state legislatures determine the outcome. They would pick the electors. Yeah, we're talking about Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin. Which I think are all republic in legislatures. That doesn't mean anything. We got re budget Republican Legislature here in Arizona that hadn't served us very well. But but This would be one of the possible avenues to a trump victory. This case now invokes the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, which means states can sue states. For violations of law are claims that they have in the Supreme Court of the United States. The Supreme Court does not have to accept the case. It's discretionary. This court young. We don't have a lot of time for this to happen. But this is a purely constitutional. A case right here is that I have to prove fraud. Get the proof does it's the Constitution? If these states did not conduct their elections in a fair and free way, if they had different sets of rules, if the if the secretary of state passed some rules instead of the Legislature, Well, that's that's pretty much Problem. And if the justices ruled with that, you know, then we got to go to the next step in all of these states. We have, uh, elections that are at variance with their own statutory rules. That's number one but number two in Pennsylvania, in particular, the secretary of state made an affirmative representation. To the United States Supreme Court suggesting that ballots would be segregated that were challenged. She failed to comply. It's pretty straightforward and understandable. And that's why so many people and the White House are excited about this case. This case, Texas versus Georgia, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. So we will be paying attention to this. In the meantime, we got a huge big fits by novel thing that's blowing up. We've got a Democrat congressman Having an affair with a Chinese spy. Wait till you hear Who knew about it? That's coming up at 8 18. Right now, with.

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