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A chinese national brian calvert komo news people and tukwila spoke out last night after an immigrant was handed over to federal immigration agents by local police wanders boca raton immigrant rights advocate is talking about the tukwila police department's response to a call for help from 32yearold wilson rodriguez macarena a father of three young children what really struck me was that the police themselves who would go at and arrest the victim the tukwila man an immigrant from honduras was worried about a prowler outside his home panic and called his neighbours marking caring anxious case hearings conveying that somebody had tried to break into his house police found the suspect in as a matter of policy ran a background check on both suspect and victim that's when police discovered an outstanding warrant for the father turned out it was about as immigration status and the turned him over dies it's comas michelle esteban with that story komo news time six or eight voter turnout for yesterday special election looked pretty low still more ballots to count but early returns show most of the school evian bond issues and king county are passing their failing and snow homage county more from komos carleen johnson the secretary of state's website right now says only twenty six point four percent of the voters who got a ballot filled it out and meld aback that prediction for final turnout between thirty and thirty five percent know one in three daughters are actually cast their ballot added secretary of state kim wyman now voters in black diamond voted yes to recall city council member patricia pepper so she's out school levies are passing and federal way enumclaw mercer island bellview's massive three hundred four million dollar levy is passing the seattle times reports lake washington's bond measure right now has only fiftythree percent yes it doesn't meet the minimum sixty percent approval for bonds in everett the levies passing but the bond is failing both of them marysville school districts levies are failing monroe in metal teals levies looked like they will be approved at it looks like a no i met do library for lake stevens it has just under fifty one percent yes needing sixty percent to pass carleen johnson komo news youth soccer club in olympia will have to pay one and a half million dollars is part.

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