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You know you have three and a half gallon pure L. Did you know you had hundreds of toilet paper rolls that you know you stabbing go really no but every time h one n one gift me off? I go buy another bag of every time they some stupid thing therefore fish every time they just kept doing it. All my Guy Donna. My wife I think we need to go Kennedy Go. That was the point now. Freak in point. No I would harry on this need to get ready in our new that around you and that we got that in goal line I gotTa Be Free Talk Live. First of all relationship with polices involuntary did not contract with them so it's an involuntary relationship and they steal my money to pay for their salaries against my will there. He wanted to says there for taking my freedom by doing that. Job ignorant of their lives. And that's how I feel about it. I feel glorified revenue agents. If they're sitting third road hiding waiting for someone to do something master told them not to do they out of the tree and they go running seventy miles an hour. Thirty five mile an hour to catch that person who was doing forty two. Were driving and say that make them. That just really irritates me. And they're they're seen or they pull you over on the side of the road. They're looking for someone to charge with something. So they can make more revenue for the state glorified revenue free. Talk Live seven nights a week from seven to ten eastern live on the Liberty Radio Network at L. R. N. DOT FM The.

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