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Didn't try here. They got beat by a big offer. That is offer. Okay taylor hall. And the boston bruins. What's the latest okay so at one. Pm eastern the freeze lists I think the first deal we could see down is barkley good role. That one should be announced on thursday taylor hall and boston. They're working towards it there. I think there's a hope that that one gets announced on thursday times. Six ish zakheim in. I think that's gonna come down to does toronto make trade at least don't have a ton of picks they've trade a lot of picks they might wanna get one back from edmonton by hyman was in edmonson on wednesday. Like to me if they're gonna make a deal with the maple leafs. It's an eight year deal and it could be announced as soon as thursday. It's a seven year deal that probably gets announced on the twenty eighth. That's kind of what we're looking at here. And i think it's going to come in the total dollar amount. I think is probably gonna come in somewhere around. Forty million give or take a little bit if it's an eight year deal. I think it's gonna be fortyish regardless of whether it's eight or seven. That's a whopper of deal for zach. Hyman and we said last week in toronto went to eight years. But i don't think the av is where it's going to be here even just like looking at the career and time in the nhl like he'll go from playing with austin matthews to playing with connor. Mcdavid whatever.

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