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And welcome to Pokémon episode 90. 90 Connor. There is no 90, correct. I'm right on this, no 90 in bruins history or am I forgetting someone? Marcus Johansson. Oh my God. How could I forget JoJo? The great JoJo. What a terrible start. Yes, the market Johansson episode. Wow, I can't believe I forgot that I know 91, obviously, but yes. We're starting to run out though, so. Yes. It's coming quick. And then we get into the triple digits, but I'm of Marino ski. That is Connor Ryan. Connor, what is that? Evan doing well. How are you doing? Doing great. Doing great, recording this on the day of the frozen four. Big games technically last night when people would be listening to this. Do we have predictions? We can measure this that we can do like we did the national championship on Monday. Do you have any predictions? Because I have mine. I'm curious what yours are. I'll go with mint kiddo. I think they probably win the best team all year, so I think that's the safest pick. Michigan's got the stop power, but I don't know, I'm just feeling like, I feel like this is the year where you need just like a team like my kid that's got a veteran leadership like guys that have bought in like a school like that's going to break through this year. A 100%. I have Minnesota state beating, excuse me. I have Denver beating Michigan Thursday night. I'll say four to three. Then I have Minnesota state beating Minnesota four to one. And then in the final I have Minnesota state beating Denver. Three to two. It'll be close. And how soon how soon after that is Johnny beecher signed with a bronze? Does he not leave does he not believe? See, I think the move he should make is transferred to a different school. And play his senior year there. That's what I think you should do. And actually play top line minutes. Granted a lot of people are going to be leaving Michigan, right? You're going to have a plethora of guys out the door. The day after whenever they have their final game, right? But for me, in granted, maybe he could go and join their top 6 and become a mainstay on the power play and all that stuff. But they have a lot of good recruits coming in. And those guys are going to be taking up those spots. And so for me, person, I'm Johnny beecher, I transfer to a different really good school with top 6 time and penalty kill and power play time where you can more kind of round out your game. Kind of like a U mask. But that's too big of a pipe dream. But that is what I think will happen. But yeah, you might sign, I wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if you just said screw it, I'm going to Providence. But anyways, there are things going on with the hometown Boston Bruins, the guys who are currently there..

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