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Fourteen fifty what did your dad teach you that that really strikes a chord with you and you've never forgotten it and it had a lasting impression because i'm telling you are fathers and husbands are so important i'll never forget mel bundy one of the bundy brothers being incarcerated for two years and it was the one of the best things i've ever heard is that he said about his children he said i'm not doing this because he was standing for liberty had he actually was thrown into jail for two years for having a flag an american flag on horseback that's literally there wasn't anything else he did and he stood at the at the bundy ranch and then he was thrown into jail and he said i'm not i'm standing i'm doing this not so my kids won't have to i'm teaching them how to stand how to stand that had a lasting impact on me on what his daughter's got to see him do and go through for liberty for fighting for freedom high collar welcome to the show go right ahead hello there dad was a musician up in san valley and the fifties with the show dahlie trio one thing that i remember about him was him and the other gentleman in the band went to trail creek cabin which is a famous kevin above of sun valley and they put together the lyrics and the music for the hokey pokey that's my claim to fame my dad did teach me how to golf i love that too had a stepdad and this is a dad that sent me to military school in ninth grade kicking and screaming but at the same time coming away trout how did i actually had some discipline i was in the drill team and he set the stage for me to become an entrepreneur and so he's set a good example on how to follow through in life.

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