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That's the craziness we're dealing with. We're also dealing with things like this. We've talked. We talked to Mike Lyndall. Not long ago, the CEO of my pillow, and I have great admiration for the guy and, yeah, I've done some commercials for him in years gone by. I haven't done him recently. But I admire the guy, a former crack addict who formed his own company manufacturers in the United States. Has put pillows under the heads of literally tens of millions of Americans Will. Twitter has now banned my pillow CEO Mike Lyndall from its platform because they say he used his account to spread baseless claims about fraud in the presidential election, And I know that some of you have worried about me and said, Lars, are you going to get in trouble for continuing to suggest The November 3rd election was fraudulent and that there were problems of that election that affected tens of thousands of votes. I'm so far independent twitters and got to stop me from talking. But they say repeated violations of Twitter's civic integrity policy, which had implemented last fall to clamp down on misinformation. The New York Post reports. Twitter did not say which of Lindell's post pushed it over the edge, but he had used his personal account in my pillows, corporate account to post they say. And share bogus rumors about widespread election fraud that appeared to be aimed at undermining President Biden's victory. So in other words, it's all about Joe Biden's feelings. Don't you know? In the next few months. Our government will be transitioning, you know, hiring people for critical jobs. And you know that filling roles like that at your company could be really tough. You need to find the right people for the jobs..

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