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Well Nigh will wolves have Tottenham this week. I talked one Patricia. Fucking DOC who to fourteenth planning for a one wolves Ni- Bernie boomer what -Ford what firts Pasta. Dr Foster to foster amy. So what I live in twenty. I am burning for a one. I saw very good and then boom have choked. Seen Twenty eight wolves for definitely not an inherited Bernie of new cost when twenty eight. What infor he won he keeps saying these Polat by be Thuc impact. This week. Pope Against Newcastle Ben. Popish Spurs and say. Bring him back pain then. Hembo boxing for Pope again here. But do you really want to use to transfers the next four goalkeeper one transfer. You want him is a spare right. Yeah for two for two games. Have you got the money to go former in the bank by much pope? He's more than four. Meal is four point. I so you get you get pope now. I'm going to get rid of woman who formule fluffy toy making saving zero milk. Okay so you can get rid of. Henson's bringing pope to black and discern now on the bench. Yes what explained very well listeners. Do Great thank. You know. You're not following. No you didn't make sense but yeah I mean there's not much really able to talk about. We've go capers is a I mean. Ifc KEPT RYAN BECAUSE HE'S PLAN. Palestine and AQAP memories pioneering fate. One more. We might be blanking. So we'll see next plank Fisher g six thirty one. Oh Brian Brian if Lester Bryant Bryant blanking go ninety four percent chance we've Their fixture with less talk so to be honest I will. I'll kept him. 'cause of Paris weighed in burnaby science. Fucking shit everyone was assigned about rhyme. Being go keeps getting down fuck OV- Mayor Fingleton even get one clean sheet from the guy. Brought Tha Tha Shit. Now four-star way but I'll say I'm thinking to myself I probably am going to free him for one anyway so he's not an issue for me to have him well. Crystal Palace. Wolves awesome. No no great but Henderson's is only for one week. I'm swapping want you can't watch. What are you fuck about Iran? I'm telling you Brian Benjamin these one game week. Fuck you knew any of these. These players enemies teams a food up. We've got elaborate enough of people who listeners and walk the fuck could we've just we've just pulled random? Random is at the bag claw. This is pivotal. Say Mamane Guys Mansi. No mention about guerin. Jesus what about MAREZ LE? Forget the blanks Marvez. Great Shah to porn is an amazing show. Was studying comes back. Maybe he'll be a good sensible. F Pl Plow Boyana NASA about air. Yeah of course bar the rotation issue ridiculous eliminated and there's no stand up players. Yeah that's enough for that. We got the previews now. Mentally Update Mar transfers and captains. Let's talk about in many league. Update them because it's tasty eight very tic- and wing. We're in crunch time right now. Into the final stretch of a season and everyone in the top ten or now from one one account so a will to a top ten countdown this week. You know I'm still in the first page. Though for in the first place but went on voice six. I actually was looking at these awful on the first page. And then scroll down and he got to. That was the last one on the first page. Forty eight or something fifty hours and then by sea had an Arab at the bottom as it ever and he said I in off for the last one was I think yes. I think it's just let me know I'm on the second page. I you know it's just let you all you could look at where the page you want. You can let you know where you all. But Yeah Tenth Place Paige Kelly opposite. He's not for the fuck is Paige Kelly tenth deciding. My all was doing quite well now off the cliff it can happen out on you doing quo. You've a lot below me for half the season. Don't forget to done quite well why to surge down. North Place Gregory. Cancel him really know him? I Gregory Life Congressional High Bid if Peo- yes seventh floors Anderson. I don't know who e let me just. I Love Greg which I ever show you. Shut him out coffey. I'm so this show Michelle north sick. Leon Collie Beef Peter King Saul. Am I am Dick? This is a public service announcement to Leon. Colle- plays or not finish below peer. Cancel planned this in this league. Only say as I don't care what you do just darn just say so tato fourth. Is Tom Watson? Who tweeted me to read out the top five? So I've done is just for Utah Watson. -gratulations you've might podcast. Ferdie Richard Phase. Is this anytime? You're not no because I don't know who we know. And I wish affair Jay's on twitter flora's within our stay Timea Joan in Second Stephen. Your Sim of each knocked off by men like golf movies now. Top of the League one five hundred six hundred forty five points at the minute is taught. Now Golf's in an hour five Kai sixty points. Congratulations Golf but Stephen Covey the advice. Just be BA. And you'll be the top where you belong and then you get. You depend out on then you get your companion. Yes Marvelous USA even is GonNa Queiro Ingredient Taika Gweru for Voday or Greeley's to Harvey Ball. And then you got. Your left applies back again. That's the white and that's the way to win. Peo- less to see okay. I'll call wave annoy eight. Lester one new. Oh my time because I'm GONNA have to pull Ester by then well this sign Mula. People could've voice more opinion accompaniment. He's like you do. Sometimes keep Kai advice a high but you do talk pio like I said no pipe bear Ho North for relegation. Yeah unless the all foam. What if no issue completely turned over on this podcast understand when you say Mitchell hype? If he doesn't listen to me maybe just don't listen to the PLONKER. I will give you a solution. No because it's I have about a guerra to jaw or guerra morph free for free and enjoy knowing again. Then you felt Bu- look lot. We said he's Jimenez. Not that's that create ings. Guero on a say you of a Cape Human as or you swap him in his jaw off ink and then as I know but I think you're wrong for having to wear by but might be like Definitely feet might be off to the blanks. Goto OBA meaning. Yeah he doesn't want his whole team specifically manage she aubrey sorry rindge alive? The thought he's doing better than us. Oh listens fucked away. No fucking share at least your second in the fantasy plug. August but yeah congrats to one shot at one in. That stopped him other than Greg. All Tame our plan transfers and captains as I'm a transfer look good I I may. Would you say who you see? Captain Body Yeah. The paper ones squall fruits and a lot of people are questioning. Do you invited this week. I think he's GonNa have to come to see on his captaincy difficulty sweet year because you're going to capture a home player. There is no good home teams. Yeah who's the Best Home Team Spurs? But their plan wolves ever they're playing AIDS Norwich Bra and boomer Newcastle Western. What foods fuck off? He's liberal. What for the way. Even though I in captain defenders is after fucking westbound goes against them will try to still capture silo up more night vaud entrenched by all the captain. Shout this week. They'll only captain shot this week. Maybe a little bit Danny ings as well but any of them I think is the worst shop any of them but you could could cut intrigue you could cut in Silo. You cut off. You could even be capping ings on any of them. He's like just a complete nominally but CENA. Now if you if you're someone immature ponder Kyra. Now you're someone winning many league you Captain Stellar will monae as just the SCF bear. There's no reason to risk. If you're someone like me. Lost interest as a million dreams. Go in for King Body. But who you captain. Now you use go complete inspired from that. I was already having the captaincy involved in these. Oh show me now. I'm done because I've Aussie moved my my captains ease on fucking stevens this fucking defender Phantom. Because that's who I was walked from ours so obviously captain is really in the bag. I mean I have a couple of pay POPA again. They defenders. Trust that or not really. Sure I trust that the best person for me is Jaime Valdes. You've only got trend of already pretty much. Yeah I mean trainees probably Shah I mean the Guy Back Gracia? Between these way it was outdoor guy. Marvez took our train. Okay Trey would've got me four extra points but can you say shot at Emai? Captain Falcon Marez when all you guys kept in cell two points more than use. I. I'm reappear that it was good I may have to Kamara is have you got sal how you can have more as you. You need a you need a liberal horse. Hackery me she can captain name fucked. Every week you'll fucking funds. Every week ended up managing this week. You had to cut him always against Leicester. Down same puts you last week or seventy eight point was actually the points. Emami Lake on income. That folks I'm actually thinking much on the now so I hung listens mine of US stick with more live. Cortott because often come doing just fine the way I am on our need to stop being crazy. 'cause I'm already cool. Well okay. You've said enough. I'll have your kite. That's all that we need to say. Well you know all you below me and blow you almost WANNA Beveren Menu. I'm fucking transferring in injured players. I'm still above you. Wash it. Yeah anyway just to wrap up or not SEMAINE. Don't vote a because a one McCarthy and the blank on the Friday and then after suffer what She Louisville play sadder is what I'm saying. That is the reason that my captains is non Jamie Vardi yet. They almost going. You're saying I the beginning of these. What did I say? Don't ever captain in the first game. She said on this podcast. Rut beginning earlier. I I we're you say five minutes ago and as one more captains on this week. Oh Oh your copay always took this week and then I realized he was the first guy and I went. Oh my lifting on what you do is you. Just listen to everything else I know. When are you gonNA Captain Voltage yet? I'm catching voice where you know. And I'm like no actually I'm not gonNA cut. You voted this week. The way you talk. I'll know carrying void. This way to me. I mean I'll have my opinions. Obviously that the best team choice for me this week but he's playing in the first game which is on Friday. Not offer comfortable with that. He's everyone in the communities. Hedera some people ignore the facts. Somebody would not facts of when fixtures are but for more personal you know. What are now us? I WanNa have fun with this guy in tight. Risks if our Captain Volley any pranks on Ford. I watch in siler Plug Ins wofford Saturday evening or could not go free with that so I am officially good a pussy out. Go safe this week. I'll take risk another week..

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