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Is the baseball tonight. Podcast for Friday. We'll seventeen two thousand twenty producing from his own studio in Connecticut. Which wink and I'm buster. Only and I'm working from my home studio just north of New York City today in the podcast. It's the continuation of our hall of Fame Week. And we'll be talking about fear so you know we'll be talking with Randy Johnson the big unit. Who joins us to talk about some iconic moments in his career including that moment when he threw the ball over the head of John? Kruk in the All Star Game I the news and notes a League Wide Initiative by all thirty Major League clubs in over fifty major league players has raised nearly one million dollars providing over four million meals to support childhood hunger prevention in the wake of the Kobe. Nineteen pandemic with school. Shutdown players personally reached out to each other to collect donations as part of the whole play project. A partnership between Major League Baseball Garth Brooks rooks his teammates for kids foundation and big-league impact which was founded by Saint Louis Pitcher Adam wainwright and is currently led by wainwright and Texas Rangers pitcher. Kyle so good on them. Good news about Webster Garrison a Minor League manager in the Oakland Athletics System. He has resumed breathing completely on his own for the first time in more than three weeks and no longer requires a ventilator is he fights the corona virus according to be on say garrison. Fifty four hot was hospitalized in his home. State of Louisiana hasn't yet started speaking When Nicki Mayo posted her latest update on Thursday now before we get to Randy Johnson and our chief executive or weekly Quiz on radio just a reminder there are plenty of ESPN podcast binged. Listen over the weekend this week. There were new podcast bill. Barnwell show the Adam Schefter. Podcast first draft the college football podcast courtside with Greenberg and dockage and lots of great storytelling from ESPN daily. Find them all wherever we get your podcast. So we're GONNA ask Randy Johnson about when he obliterated a bird in a spring training game about this moment when he scared the heck out of John Crock in the nineteen ninety-three all star game. Give a lesson. Correct fanning himself off pitches. Clocked it as much as one hundred and two miles per hour in Major League Baseball? Obviously just getting away from him but watch the reaction of John Kruk. Would you say he has heart as palpitation? A bit when the second half resumes on Thursday. Look at the next step in John. One bit as right leg out again at the breaking watts. No Hard Randy Johnson. Just Kinda respond big. Some John had no chance. Johnson works a one two three inning..

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