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Ten eighty KRLD So eight. Overall free weights in pretty good shape, we do have one action, it's going to be a north west. Dallas eastbound northwest highway thirty-five Ethan acted and the. Two left, lanes right lane is open little slow. In that area Dallas Irving northbound loop twelve while Walker moving well so far from my thirty three one eighty three that overnight roadwork between three and northwest highway has been cleared and then, eastbound one eighty three as well as one fourteen. Both looking good no reported delays, from the turnpike to Luke twelve let's head over to Randy fuller checking on that drive heading out of mosquito northbound six thirty five twenty five minutes from eighty. To forest and westbound thirty in, Dallas from Ferguson to seventy five it's a pretty clear there too and south Dallas, westbound seventy five railroad construction is in the right. Lane as usual and now the backup is stretching along. Second avenue Jillian, Raja's checking in on thirty five w. Oerlikon downtown it's a quiet eight to, ten minute drive tops from Rosedale up to get past north loop Eight twenty and. About twice that to get up to alliance we've got actually no delays as you head up towards north Tarrant Parkway and golden triangle airport freeway through the mid cities looks good with the, exception of a little bit of traffic trying to. Split off to northbound one Twenty-one, and that'll be stop and go up to Harwood beyond that looks good to grapevine if your drive from grand prairie to Irving no problems along the Bush turnpike. Heading north from I thirty heading, up towards six thirty five if you're out there on the roads and you see, a problem give us a call on the Dr. Traffic tip hotline that number two one four two nine. Ten eighty I'm, Joyce Nielsen your next report it's eighteen and breaking traffic alerts when they happen.

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