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I mean, he looks like just a very really ready. Good. Not spoiled by the home. The process was under Pollino guys Kim was going into the summer of senior. I thought they were going to get him talking. They were on a Murli, and then obviously blew up at summer some. But that's gonna be terrific game leaves the pace of the game will be interesting because both teams want to run. Establishing Buki will be interesting. They're gonna probably put him in a ton of ball screens deceive eating covering get back and plays. So that'll be fun to watch. And then the nightcap. Will be because you got Ziya William pseudo, everyone freakish video highlights who really can do some fabulous things are j Barrett. The Jones case the point guard. I think is the key to the Duke team because he plays without a dago. Cam reddish. You really they say could shoot got a great released doesn't make him as much as shoots him. And then the question is how will Duke defenders you because let's face it last year. They didn't defend they didn't defend they went to his own. And they kept in front and try to contest you this team here is fast, and I saw them an exhibition game, and they are good and transition. Yeah. But they're playing against the team that we both saw a lot in Kentucky. And I came away from Kentucky thinking, whoa. This team. Couple of freshmen point guards, cloudy green is in the mix off guard point guard. But look Kentucky to me. Ross Travis is a guy that is going to put up numbers. I don't know that he's going to be as good as maybe people think. But really Travis Travis. I'm sorry. Ross's brother plays football here for the colts. I think he's going. I look I think Kentucky and Duke. These four teams are national title contenders. I would put them maybe in order of Kansas in Kentucky number one, Duke. Maybe number three and then Michigan state number four. But I really wanna see what Kentucky is all about. They run the floor. They get down. On the floor. They shoot the basketball the hero kid Linnet up in in the Bahamas Tyler hero who many thought was going to go to scancen. And now, he's a next Rex Chapman. Or whatever. Whoever the hell you want to compare them to I'm really excited because I think in Tocci as one of those chances to I'm not going to feed it, but man, they're not gonna lose very many. And this thing would do can all the young athletic system's going to be fun. Because you got a veteran guy Travis fifth year guy actually against these freshmen, and I think Kentucky's Hickam advantage here. I tell you what Zion. Williamson is a freak his for his size his bounce talk. He's got a big John Williams guard because you get him out there, totally different. I'm in totally different team. These transition both ways, you know, young teams hardest status floor balance and defense transition and then young teams shot selection of either of those teams take bad shots. The team's gonna get into Vange RJ barrack place above and beyond Duke tries to bully right now defensively again, you know, try to choke off of our so pressure to ball. That sounds good against Virginia union will be able to do that against Kentucky and Kentucky and your guy. The one of the most to most improved country will be Nick rich. It's. I'm interested to see how he plays in a game like this because nukes gonna play Marquis bold in the first five minutes a game. And he's talking to play it. So I mean that'll be done. I think pe- PJ Washington Zion..

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