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From California state parks division of boating and waterways baseball with Murph and mac weekday morning six to ten on KNBR six eighty first grade swing and a drive to deep left field it is March starts off by hitting his second home run in as many at bats against Logan way three days nine hours up not just over the double a wall of lead centerfield up over the advertising panel that is beyond that our field it's forty three aids Mar Canada's hit one right and hit one to left center both over the wall fastball out over the plate and he crushed his the market on a very first pitch of this board has put the aids back a heavy is a B. and super aggressive against Logan web and it's working one three athletics first pitch here too Profar is off the inside wall one four hundred twenty three feet according to stack as mark can is it another home run he's got twenty two now provides eggs inside ball to can I had never had a multi hit multi home run game a thoroughly before this year and that's the second one is added in twenty nineteen so the Acer back a head pro for waiting and he takes a little bit low three you know as a login web might be a bit spooky now is followed by an exam Reno after giving up that first pitch all run the hitch Profar is small for the inside it's a first walk you through the James River Joseph honey Toyota out of town scoreboard the nationals have broken a tie in the seventh inning scored three times in regularly they get a chance to sweep that series against the cubs an alley five did too and the top of the seven the cubs come into the day as the number two wild card team trailing the nationals by three games but again I have clear of the Phillies who have already lost today here's a **** and a strike Jim Corbett Joseph its own one nobody out runner at first for three days the Phillies lost to the Marlins in Miami not a good weekend for the Phillies three two final here's the pitch swing a ground ball toward second could be two Solano charges flip very quickly to second one and proper it on the first in plenty of time for a double play what was that handled beautifully by Donovan Solano and Crawford but Solano made is faster than exchanges you could possibly make and the giants give way that maybe will help us nobody on for Chad the Mets have also lost the Mets were in the number four position tied with Milwaukee coming into the day in the wild card standings first pitch swing a liner to third caught by Longoria number three Braves beat the Mets by the final two to one our Toyota out of town scoreboard Toyota let's go places like to the fifth inning home run by mark canning his second of the game against Logan well but it is now forty three aces we go to the fifth on the KNBR northern California Honda dealers radio network when you purchase.

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