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Up here Mark. The Cubs White sacks 2020 Nobody can in Arlington, Texas. It's yeah, right with the bubble, and we should really explain that. I think that a lot of our listeners don't really understand the way it's gonna work. The first round, of course, is best two out of three. All the games will be played in the park of the higher seeded teams with white socks will be at home for that first round. But then after that the league they're going to split apart. America. Lee goes to California. I believe nationally goes to Texas and they're going to decide the divisional round. The league championship series will be played under quarantine conditions and in the world Siri's We played in the brand New Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas. So if you had the all Chicago World, Siri's it's not in Chicago. It's going to be in Arlington, Texas. See and I would take that. I think we are. We'd all take we all take. It would be phenomenal Entertainment, which I miss a, You know, getting to go to the ballpark and on that, and I also missed the fan environment, but I asked, but it was weird in the twin, Siri's You could feel the tension of the play offs watching those games, right? And I'm even just like watching football over the weekend like this is you're seeing the same enthusiasm when somebody scores touchdown and makes a big head like it doesn't On TV. I'm still you know, we're getting the enjoyment of the games. This time you got to go to the ballpark last week. Didn't I fill in for TJ? I did, but they were in they were in Cincinnati. That's true. There's no excitement in that situation. I literally walked in the booth Mark and and you know, I get there. Probably a little earlier than I should have been used by first chance TTO sit there and do color commentary so super excited. Get their only I'm looking around out there like you said, Well, I wonder who's the first guy to take PPL like karma. They're not here. No one is walking out on you. Reporter had on trying to get some pregame intel like No, they're they're a couple states over. Why is it Tim Anderson taking ground balls at 2 30? That's what he would normally be doing right now. But so people don't know that maybe they do, but it's in one of the things I just really appreciated about Tim. Specifically the last couple years. Just you could get out there and 11 o'clock on a Saturday for six o'clock game, like Save was taping Something for White Sox Week to Anderson is a lot of that is out there taking ground balls like this is 162 game season. You pretty much know you play every day. And that's the level of work ethic it Zoe knew it's you know, super impressive. Easy, easy guys to root for and you know when we're I do think that they think That they can do the whole deal here. We're sure it's wide open in the America. We Why not feel that way. You know, Chris gets the White Sox director of player development, spoke with the media and assume session beforehand and Ronaldo Lopez is going to start in tomorrow's game against while Shandy was getting pushed back. It was going for clearly, you know? Yeah, we dio hang on one second here market. I believe it is Cal. Watrel Hoya Quantrill. Thank you Tell Eldridge Okay, It's the one and only Cal Quantrill. He's starting tomorrow. Police sex going Thursday beepers going on Wednesday. Yeah, it was good it was trying to set up here is that it gets talked about Ronaldo Lopez, who was sent down to the shop or training facility because he was really scuffling. Let's see what Kris gets had to say about trying to get rid all the Lopez, right? Taking down T. Schomburg and it's It's not easy for players often when they when they get sent out, and, you know, first and foremost. You know, players can go one of two directions. They either they get get down, Teo, oftentimes. Is it Charlotte or in this case, it's in Schomburg, where You know they They either shut down a little bit and in and they kind of shy away from a kind of getting back into what makes them major league players. And to, you know, for Reinaldo. It was very clear that he was there to work and get back on track. Now how we went about that, Um It was about building his confidence, which is going to take a hit for anyone that is sent out from the major league club. And you could do that many ways. I mean, it's it's Sidebar conversations. It's group conversations. It's showing them what you know how their stuff plays and sometimes you need to light a fire. You know, I think I think with Reynaldo we were able to take on Certainly the building confidence. We just slow things down for him. And we didn't get too many outings. But through that span of time, we were able to add, perhaps ignite a little bit of a fire. And I just, you know with when we told him that he was going back and the way he was talking to us. I just felt like we had a chance at at You know, kind of the Reynaldo Lopez we've seen before. The good Reynaldo Lopez and You know, take the ball in the first inning and go. You know there, there's sometimes people kind of player pitchers feel their way through their outings. On before you know it. The first inning gets away from you, Whether it be through, you know, walks or through, you know, just getting turned around. And you've got you've got to bring your best stuff from first pitch, and that's what we really stressed, along with everything else in terms of building him up and No, he Took that feedback and you know it. Sze shown to two perhaps have worked. I mean, you know, there's no there's I guess there are blueprints, but you know, it certainly isn't one size fits all. You've got to know the individual We go little Ronaldo Lopez with Chris gets talking. What do you think of that? Well, you really broke it down, trying to talk about the fact that they wanted to light a fire under him. Sometimes it's all upstairs because Lopez velocity was fine. He just wasn't getting big league hitters out, so maybe a little bit of reset. He's been better in his last couple of starts. He'll see the White Sox game now so we all need some TLC. Absolutely not. 9 30. Let's get a check and news 312981 72 100 if you want to jump on in here. White Sox Post Till 10 on 7 20 w GM News.

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