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Citizen and she said the the the is a symptomatic spread a coronavirus is very rare there is very little evidence that anybody a symptomatic has ever given this thing to anybody else in other words we tank the global economy for nothing and we destroyed people's lives for nothing for these last three months now she's issued a clarification not saying that they have been some misunderstandings and she was relying on to all three studies and that she regrets using the phrase very rare and she now says that some locals could show as much as forty percent of transmission so the lockdowns on again because no one knows nothing this is being the the biggest failure of public health expertise in songs the WHO's behaved appallingly that the CDC the centers for disease control which is American behaved rather well during the sars epidemic they boast destroyed that brands completely during this thing she was also saying that clarifying the distinction she made between truly a symptomatic people and people who might be pre symptomatic how do you know your pre symptomatic I mean some things are certain in the sense that I am technically alive right now but I'm pretty dead but how do you know your pre symptomatic no one knows anything she announced the date a symptomatic people couldn't didn't generally transmit the disease yesterday she's walking it back today this organization is a joke and trump is right to call it a joke if you wanna know I said at the top of the show top of the hour but the one thing it turns out the one thing that clears up cove it nineteen eliminates a global pandemic is race riots and I don't just mean in the United States because these things are going on all over the planet as a said they taken down king Leopold statue in Antwerp in Belgium that they found the mold tore down the statue in Bristol England and tossed it into the river Hey even these things going on all over the planet and mysteriously it turns out that when you are on the planet the one thing that clears up a code nineteen you'll be feeling right as rain you've been on under the weather you had a bit of a call for you bit by bit we see I'm dying of a race riot you'll feel great and as the city of Dallas is just declared if you go out and ride it you'll be at greater risk of covert nineteen but don't worry because you get you're entitled to the federally subsidized private test it's all rubbish the same experts to tell us that we had to it's unsafe to go to a hairdresser it's on safe to go to a nail salon now tell us it's perfectly safe to go and burn down the police station in Minneapolis the same public health experts as rush noted on Friday Sir Isaac Newton the fellow who develop the three laws of motion the apple felonies had some Isaac Newton not coming up for auction is his proposed treatment for the plague this is not posted nineteen it's the old school black death he said won't choose the black death is towed vomit lozenges he's got a two page recipe for it first you need a toad and you have to suspend the towed by its legs this is the recipe spot on the Rush Limbaugh show it's a new regular feature so we're getting towed vomit today I used to spend a toad bites legs in the chimney for three days until it vomit stop us with various insects in it you have to catch the vomit on a dish of yellow wax when the total dies you grind the body into powder mix it with the vomit and then make it into Los Angeles and this will drive away the contagion and draw out the poison this is Sir Isaac Newton he said great guy a law of gravity and all the rest of it and he's come up with this recipe of toad vomit lozenges as a way to treat the black death he did this in sixteen sixty seven but his notes are now coming up at auction at Sotheby's in Portsmouth in England and the building is currently at sixty five thousand dollars and I don't know I I I'm but to the best of my knowledge I've never had a code vomit Lawson's I but right now I would bet on that rather than any of the advice coming out of the World Health Organization or the CDC no one knows nothing it's quite extraordinary three months into this thing all day it's on services no it's not in services you don't need to worry about school it's a crime now if you go out without a mosque don't worry a symptomatic people are the ones who were the reason we all had to be locked up for the last three months now we found out we finally found out after three months of you being out in the house arrest of that in fact a symptomatic people don't translate over did we say that only twenty four hours later on when I'm turning on a dime and reversing that stick with the toad vomit lozenges folks Sir Isaac Newton knew what he was.

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