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In in from did have one word when it came to me asking him about lebron is yesterday he was the White House and Jim Acosta and ladies find you somebody who loves you like in a class to love's gonna cost over its unit Jim Acosta start shouting at him yeah start shouting at him from the back end from tree to cost at with the disdain which we have all become accustomed here we go I don't know my had never had a conversation that I remember with him just calls quiet to take a look at the pictures you just have to take a look at all you see I don't need anybody's out Nick across to have this unfortunate habit of trying to talk over president trump and from shutting down of course this is a sign of the war on the media by the way the media are very upset today it's a war on the media among Republicans very upset at my cemex alley by like the senator from Arizona yesterday as I said on the show she called mondo Raju whose reporter for CNN liberal hack now I'm no one around you I've seen his reporting and I actually don't think that he is one of more happy CNN reporters so I think that your margin XLE was either take off in a moment at C. N. N. generally or she was attempting to play a political game whereby she tax reporter in this is popular with the Republican base obviously the media went nuts over this here is Martha metallic calling on a rational hack salvation the Senate consider new evidence is part of the impeachment trial I'm not talking to you you're not going to comment okay and then manner and the man a rash of course talk about this on Twitter isn't on all the rest of it well my next alley was on yeah it was on the lower end of the show last night just pointing out that CNN is in fact a liberal hack network if you'd said that I'd be defending her like four square today because that is a that is a fact of life okay CNN is a left network and I'm so you're not proving their objective Chris Cuomo in their network is objective when you then go on air and you start berating Martha makes alley as though somebody just called youth radio and let me tell you he's not freedom no one should ever use the word freight to describe Chris Cuomo freight is like the N. word for Italians that's what Chris Cuomo has said so in here's not radio explaining why it's very bad to say mean things reporters that's what was so upsetting about make Sally today there's a woman with a homemade record of service to this country and she really acted like a punk today she did a disservice to herself and they think that she holds which is John McCain which he was elected she was a point she's really what he lost into it right I got through a fluke like some would say trump one but that sold on the show minor Raju is not a liberal hack he is a very well respected seasoned reporter asking a legitimate questions she couldn't answer if you can't stand the heat then get out of the appointed kitchen I mean it in that that sort of by is on scene and that's what you're talking about okay really should been wrecking rire toward Chris Cuomo and don lemon the twin pillars of dumb over over at CNN I will also point out that bill hunt Omar history mono Roger with nothing but disdain whenever he has a legit question is why by the way I said I don't think the moraju is actually about reporter so I I think that he's asking tough questions and I'm a grass watch mesquite tough questions will have no market summarily dismissed by L. hand all mark I don't remember that I remember the media declaring that that she was acting like a punk do you remember that I remember that he I remember Chris Cuomo or down women suggesting she's acting like a punk in this particular exchange this morning so the president.

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