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Here's how college football fans exist. They really their only standard for liking or disliking. A media member is how he has been perceived to treat their team. If this guy was being about my team seven years ago. I hate this guy. My worst. dennis dodd okay. He skip bayless without the marginal talent. He got mad at bryce love. Yes for going to class media day. Yes and dan wilkins somebody that absolutely. If you follow his twitter you cannot be convinced. That man likes costs ball or the people that follow it. He feels like he's above it and you're beneath him and that's the worst type of journalists and frankly that's the type of journalists that is most prevalent in this society today whether they're in politics where their movies whether usa today whether they're in college football journalists believe they are better than you. Then wilkin believe that. That's why this country's in fucked up shape because we don't trust anybody that thinks they're better than us. Forty pat forty is one of the guys that believes. He is on a pedestal above college. Football no gospel gospels. The only reason you're on that pedestal and these guys need to save what. Say what you want about. A guy like paul finebaum. Paul finebaum knows whereas bread is buttered. Paul finebaum knows how to play to the audience that he has cultivated gary danielson cbs simply because he's got the dick bitel disease where no matter. What game you watch. You're watching villanova versus villanova georgetown. If tells on the call he's going to be talking about duke gary danielson. We'll be doing auburn georgia. And he had thirty one references to nick sabin in alabama and he has other worldly talented by kirby smart just looks for other worldly talent without regarding what else creates championship programs. Ohio state figures it out. Clinton figures it out album figures. Georgia hasn't figured that out yet. They're just going out and getting the the fastest car without regard to the rest of the garage. And i just i don't. It eventually will win him national title. I think because of the sheer numbers of recruits. But i i think. That's where my disconnect with kirby smart and his recruiting slash development are every year. I make fun of this team's fan base for saying this is their year every year. I make fun of their coach. Who can't win in game situations. I knew coming out of the season. They would be very good because they got better at the end of the year. And i know we make fun of georgia. Fan getting excited every year. But guess what we made fun of clemson fans getting excited every year failing until they actually one what a lot of teams almost almost almost get there and finally get. They're going to have the best quarterback in the sec jt daniels. He's very good. They're going to have a very good offense. Their defense has been great for a couple years. And here's the biggest deal. Their schedule they do not have to go play a game at alabama. This year they had to last year. That changed everything for look in the east. Tennessee is garbage. Kentucky is garbage. Vanderbilt is garbage. South carolina is garbage. Missouri is garbage. Florida is starting over at quarterback in offensively florida's taken a big step. They're going to win the east without even showing up and in the west. They don't have to play anybody there. Their toughest game is auburn. Who is garbage by the way. And they're starting over. Jump house they start the season in atlanta against the clemson tigers win that game in atlanta by the way clemson starting over quarterback clinton starting over the loud places georgia wednesday game in atlanta. They're going to be either number one number two in the country. And there's nobody in the sec. That can touch them until they get the sec. Title game georgia's going to be in the national title contention all year and they deserve to be. They're going to be incredible. Update think there's a new. There may be a new girl and the replacing marissa in the house of death valley. Another girlfriend has no idea what you're talking about now. We've talked about before. But but hey why is this an update. We needed at this time. We thought she deejays hold on. Hold on jack. I mean this is a friend and tac's your friend and katie tolerate. You occasionally you have a problem now. You have a rollback. You have a watch out of the real housewives of clemson. No there's a girl. I like that watches. The loves them not actually loves some. Hey where's joe girlfriend. He's talking to girl that likes girl in america that loves the real housewives of k. J. henry's girlfriend then he really likes this. I'm going to go ahead and speak up for the voiceless. I'm going to be the voice for the voiceless. And i'm going to get rid of. He's about to mississippi state in this disney. Jack oh no no no no this is. This is the super kayla. Hey i'm just going to go and tell you. of course i am and be. I'm getting rid of the elites. Fuck if you think you're really if you think your shit don't think if you're ohio state and alabama and clemson and you get every five star recruit and you think you're gonna win the national title every year. You can't be in this league. You can't be in this league. This is the super okay league but isn't this league. It's the super okay. Lee super okay league. We're getting rid of all the elites in the elites. Now we're yes we're replacing the revolved elites. We're getting rid of all the nice cars in the neighborhood and we're just driving our fucking honda accords. Right up to the stadium and we are playing some football brother. It's going to be the twenty five. The teams are every year. Just sometimes they bubble up sometimes. They're really good. Sometimes they fall apart a little bit but they're always. They're they're always in the middle. They're not shitting. You won't see kansas here. You won't see vanderbilt. You can't be shitting in this league and you can't. You can't be georgia. You can't be south. Can't be ohio state. you can't be texas because texas now leap. They think they are so they can't play. Let's go also if you're academically elite. You gotta go to. And i tell you somebody in the sec. By the way mandy between being you see west. There's going to be two really good teams. It's gonna be alabama and am.

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