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Look. I posted a clip. I was watching the news in this man on Amazon. Said that he didn't understand why Amazon was was was shipping out non essential things and one of these things with sex toys. Sir Who's WHO's first of all. We have one of our biggest months in the history of our company last month since we've been in Corinthian I'm saying no which is people are probably so frustrated that they're coming for your just that I mean we do have thousands of consultants are part of you know. Candy Mary. Kay you'll make Mary Kay for sex toys. Well Yeah but now. It's more of a lifestyle brand because now we even carry the week airy candy coated cosmetics carry here body products all kinds of stuff. Now so it's not just the adults toys but we do have the best adults now. I feel like you need like you know only blowing up. I'm Anne juice produced some content to let all these ladies know how to pleasure themselves. Because I'm done with my girlfriend. That's what you want me to produce. No you just produce to be on the camera. Just produced it. I need you to be like a bourbon. Berman Johannesen Talk. Sadly I mean you can talk to people about the because I've been talking about this with my girlfriends have girlfriends who have never had orgasms Thirty something years old A majority of women have not experienced a real orgasms from economic penetration. You could grow. Can say penetration fully experienced A orgasms penetration And it's unbelievable but that is true is like a real statistic and so our still women that you need to learn your own body in learning. What gets you there so that you can share that with Joe Part. Were you surprised at how many women that you met promoting you know these products that had never self clash with themselves are never had experienced anything like it because I think in our community? That's something that isn't talked about really you know. It really wasn't talked about especially when I first started bedroom. Candy Taboo out like the first black I was. I became the poster girl for Black Women who are empowered enough to own loving themselves in self care. Okay guess up here.

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