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Warrior chronicles and we're co host today lady dmc and i'm here with my homegirl. My sister from another. Mr mom sister fran and my best the in the whole entire world does he girl brought up warriors. Super excited for today's episode. Today is a good one warriors. We are requesting that everybody. Please be respectful the discussion that we're going to be having here today as there. Are minors involved. We're going to be very respectful here. you know. It's a delicate topic but one that definitely needs to be discussed. The needs to be brought to light you know. It deals definitely deals with our our mental health Our mental health awareness that we tried to a to advocate for here on time at work. Chronicles so yeah. We're going to be discussing. The josh duggar situation. So what do you say we dive. Does he girl. Let's get started. Let's do it So do you mind. If i start go for it so i wanna take back to when the duggar family kind of became famous For me it was like the end of high school when i started noticing. The duggar family remember. The family was on oprah 'cause she'd had like a million children and apparently that was not normal and is like you know the years progressed. I would hear more about the duggar from in the sense of like their lifestyle And the religious beliefs in haluk as a society. We felt like that was not right. And you know wire the young ladies expected to you know read children and just there we living team to be slab normal and then fast forward to i wanna say after we graduated with our bachelors so like two thousand thirteen. Two thousand fourteen was when the first scandal came into play I know you used to watch the show correct. Yeah i actually used to watch it During that timeframe that you said when the family actually came out and it was actually then it was seventeen. Kids and counting was when i caught them. So you run. Two thousand fifteen is when the scandal came into play. And you know. The parents sat down with their son. Believe and discussed. You know what had happened. And what steps were being taken privately among the family. Now let's fast forward five more years and another scandal has come into play and again warriors we are not friends with the duggar family nor have either one of us sat down and interviewed them. All information we're discussing today is what we've read either online watched on television and then the research we've done about the laws in the state of arkansas. Which is where the family resides. Is that correct. That is correct. Yes they are in arkansas. So for me. When i first heard.

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