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Pretend. Lose weight off fast now. Chose the what do you think don't fast? I don't know if anything happens or not. But I think Jewish people have a pretty good rule. You could go a whole year and be a real, you know, whatever. Yeah. Don't eat for for day. Say you're sorry to a few people in all's forgiven. Okay. Oh, yeah. Sorry to it every year on this. Who is planning on saying it again today? Muslims start apologize. Yeah. You gotta stay apologizing from here for twenty four hours ROY man going to go. I'm going tonight. Oh, are you? Fifteen minutes past the fifteen minute fast temple. No speed sample. Hour and a half. That's not so bad. Wouldn't that be great die made? Sure. Janney all day tomorrow. We don't Neil diamond going to be in any of the synagogues, sure. From the jazz singer. Danny goes all day, man, you're committed. Yeah. We don't as I said Danny's armour. Doc, we go tonight for an hour and a half. I don't go tomorrow. Say you're sorry to a few people try to do right by everybody. And let's hope for the best. Shed guys words deliberate. Freed people. Well, keep stay out of trouble. You'll be fine. You're going through. You know, you're doing this show tomorrow. No. Week. Yeah. We'll be in for you tomorrow last week. I got today's. Oh, Carmen nine two one nine two one, by the way, the band last night was cheat codes codes. Oh, you bet topnotch cheat codes. Yeah, it's not on yet soccer's not on yet, my friend. It'll be on it to your guy here that somebody outside the studio orange button on pointing academy. Hello Kaplan, cement, the gym say he has orange theory that to on his chest. No, let's make it for us. Good for you. Cbs fan. I wish I got a picture that looks like we're in good shape. What's he about forty eight? That guy looks good. We'll now. That's why I said look forty eight looks fantastic. I tried to give a good description of that for the radio for everybody in their audiences. Thank you. I'm here for you. I was pleased to hear John at you were positive on. Mitch last said game eleven is what I granted blame. Allen Robinson for not breaking up that interception than blame Trubisky for risky and going deep. I have no problem with taking a shot down field. Even if it was a little bit underthrown a skilled receiver turns that into a pass interference penalty. And or at least you help your quarterback up, and you turned into a defensive back and you break up that ball. Allen robinson. Did what? Yes. Neither of those. Which is a problem for me. The tip ball up in the air. I don't have too many issues with that's going to happen. I don't blame a quarterback for that. Interception. It comes on his stats, but I'm not going to believe the Seahawks dropped a couple where. Throws worse. They dropped a couple where I thought the throws were much worse. The tip all yet. So those guys are defense tax now sailed receivers that have turned in. Try to catch. He batted it down. I'm glad he threw two touchdowns in game. I wouldn't say waters yet. But there were some good things to build. Shovel pass. Design. I like them Nagy does or at least I liked it for the most part so far other than going all true conservative last week. I feel like he he already learned a little something from that. I, you know, I don't have too much of an issue so far with Nagy. It's just a quarterback Scott continue to develop and get better. And he's he did not have a good first half last night. I wonder if they were dominating that game. It was ten to three is Jordan. Howard, get frustrated. Does Tariq Cohen get frustrated does any of the receivers ended up getting a little bit of frustrated because of their lack of target been white. I'll be honest with channel care out. Kenya? Assam blocking Kevin. Kevin wind has been on scholarship. What is this now? Well, Kevin have twenty catches on saying he's he's been on scholarship. A number of different years. So I I hear for they decline. The fifty rows Kevin white will need a change of venue for Kevin white to ever trigger and somebody can find him has he been targeted one. If he can fire two games hasn't been targeted. Oh, I don't know. I I know this. He doesn't have a catch Assam targeted at some blocking last night. It's that's a that's a nonstarter none to interceptions for this team. They're on their way to sixteen intercepts friends talked to return for touchdowns Karm. I I've got a question for your co coming up to just about the defensive back play in about Kyle fuller. But I was glad to see Machimura make that play in Kevin fish pains and a nice job in the athletic. Yeah. Those keys of breaking down. What he had said afterwards what he told the media that was on the tip sheet. And then a fisherman went back to last week where they saw it on tape in the Denver game and Mook Amora sought he recognized the formation. He saw the running back out wide. He said, I think it's coming here. He. I mean. That's when it all comes together. You say, wow, that's racia- recognition execution beautiful. Routes and he took it to the house is going to get tackled question for your co coming up about Kyle fuller too. So yeah. Oh, can I ask one of those? I said I wanted to ask you where Tommy this when when he defense. Yes. When a defensive back is running stride for stride with Toronto drama, Alison Tyler Lockett, this is going to be my question. Oh, okay. What point do you feel the guy where he's at and turn your hand up body? You gotta have body presence. So you've got to feel his body. Get leverage nowheres bodies. I called body. President presence. You've got a if you wanna call it leverage called leverage. I called body presence. Once you acquire the body presence. You feel like you're running extract from swipe stride. That's when you turn your head. And you take a look for. Here's my question. His body was there. My question for you. Ed, he decided that I'm not gonna I'm gonna wait and tried to play his aunts. That's what he decided at some point. I'm going to wait and try to play his hands. If that balls underthrown a little bit. That's an interference penalty two weeks to plays like that against Kyle fuller now too great throws by quarterback. Right. Okay. And you you could look at that and say boy, the coverage was real good because he was all over them. Here's my question in my point. The bears very quickly decided to match the offer. They're paying Kyle fuller. Like one of the best defensive backs in the national football. We were told that boy Ryan piece Ryan pace really played the Green Bay Packers. Boy that he pulled off a Butte look at what he just did to the Green Bay. Packers won a great defensive back makes both of those points. Yes. But how great defensive back gets his head around and breaks up both of those who played who in that situation. We heard right lane. Bryant no o of the pa-. The Ryan pace played the Green Bay Packers. The fuller, and all it's a it's a stroke genius. They're paying him like one of the best defensive backs in the league beaten twice in the first two weeks. But he's not. I mean, he's not even a top ten d and dropped the interception. That hit him in the hands. He makes either play the game. They win the game to win the game. He ends up dropping the interception. Yeah. He's not a top sixteen guy. Izzy. They're paying them. Like it. I I know exactly what they're paying him. The best of the Green Bay Packers. They're paying him. Like, he's a superstar defensive cornerback. That's how the pain you gotta make those play. If you look at the money. He's never gonna play up to the money. He's never gonna play to his contract ever. They didn't want to let them go because they couldn't find a replacement. That's it period end of story end of day. That's it. They couldn't find a replacement for them. So they had to pay him. That's why he's being paid like superstar. He will never play like a superstar. He will make a few superstar plays. But at the end of the year, you're always going to be disappointed. If you look at his contract, you will only be left one at some point. You've got to ignore the contract and just hope that his level of play raises a little bit. So at least you can look at him. Without being discussed every single time. Letting you know. That's why I wanted to guy plays up to his contract. Every single play seems to be clo- MAC the guy that will never play up to his contract is going to be Corey fuller. Now, you can get crazy. Whatever his name is. You can let it drive you. Crazy. Well, that's why you can just accept it and say, okay, he's never going to be promising. Even if he gets an interception return for a touchdown this year. You're still going to say he's still not going to live up to that contract. All right. And let's hope he gets an interception. This year. All right. Great minds think. That's right. Yeah. I thought it was thinking the same thing. Like, you look at it and say, it's great covered doesn't don't the star players in this league? Get their head around and make a play on that your linebacker play yesterday. That's you've got a smile of fantastic. I refused. The judge Leonard Floyd until that ham gets good. Then he is neither recovered the fumble. He did he didn't initially recover. It went through his legs. Did you see where get up? It was spies knees. And then somehow guy push back up. Enormous. We ended up falling on it. Which is okay. Sometimes you don't have to be skilled to recover. A fumble. The ball just happens to come your direction, but I won't judge them harshly. And I won't give him credit. You've got it. It's on your hand. You are zero factor out there. Just go out there. Be good coverage. Whatever it doesn't make a difference. Let's get that cast off his hand. Let's see if he can rush the passer sacks. Yeah. His career. No turn ten sacks this year. How many this year of the ten sacks the bears Floyd? How many sacks does Leonard Floyd at under a half? That's why can't judge him because you can't grip anything I'm saying so there'd be credit for half a sack yesterday's Leonard. Floyd the reason this team is is rushing the quarterback. So well, no, it's the two guys in the middle. And it's the guy in the left side. They've realized now two games that you really can't ask him the rest of the passenger that asked so they're bringing treve thin. They're bringing other guys off the corner Cal to nickel blitzes yesterday. I love that. Kellyanne and a good game. Did he did? He had a great pass breakups. Very good zero sacks dang maybe got a half a sack Khalil Mack..

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