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Away from the other guy wearing the number sixty three on his back. Head to Saad. You'll pick down into the Bruins zone group passing head to center ice on the left wing did a Brask at the hawk blue line. He spends the puck across the rink ends up down behind the net. Doll from winds at around the right side to side headman pascagoula over the line right wing breaks, a stick with a drive and the puck slides in on the goaltender Rask, actually broke. The stick of one of the Bruin players there. At Marchand was back there on the defensive side of it. Just kind of kept back at it back. It ends not a defense. He's inside top of the faceoff circle of Edwin Cadila was winding up to take that shot. Stuck to stick out there in the Benton from the dualistic snapped Marsh aunts blade off there. Smart play by Marsh and didn't try to stand him up there. And just kind of waited out backed up backed up didn't let Julia try and make a one on one play four. That's before. That's a golden off doing what you see a guy back there. Who's not at the moment. Mcevoy carrying out of the Boston zone to center ice sets up. John More over the hawk line down the left wing to the corner and off lost sticking that sequence. The bruins. Get the pocket. The line deep slot McEvoy long wrist shot deflected wide more with the puck left wing corner. Sends it behind the hawk net around to the right point Hainan's. Got it. They're down to behalf port just Alaric. But it across the bottom of the left circle the more. He fires a shot over the hawk net around the glass back through center, ice and all the way down into the Boston zone. The hawks will quickly change up their penalty killers. Thirty six seconds of the Boston powerplay McEvoy into the hawk zone right wing stops. Spins the puck down behind the net. Murphy slaps it off the near glass ahead to Krueger. And he'll backhand at the rest of the way twenty five seconds left on the Boston play David Backes with the puck behind the Boston at the former blues, captain leaves it there for John Moore who played for both the mission and Chicago young Americans sends the puck into the hawk zone, often affliction Brandon Saad got it. There's the puck up the left boards and all the way down five seconds left on the Bruins power play. Moore's got the puck in behind with two seconds. One out of the box disgust us and hawks at full strength more shot. A pass ahead off a Chari sick into the hawk zone. Keith clear is it out to the lines at a breakthrough to flex it ahead the Strom at center ice, but he gave the puck away debris online to chara quick. Pass ahead. Here's Wagner into the hawk zone down the slack. Keith reaching around him was able to pull check the puck to the near boards before sling. He'll move it up the right side to center ice to strong front of the penalty boxes. But back to forsling hawk line over to Keith in the hawk zone circle to Delia is left to forsling. In the circle the deal us right back over to Keith along the left boards to Kane hawk line right wing to Keith coming by the center ice circle to debrincat over the broom line along the right wing boards. Put it down to Keith right corner. Spins the puck behind the Bruin net Strom left at there along the boards. Cherry had it knocked off his stick by debrincat to Kane. Top of the left circle the key straightaway in the deep slot. Long wrist shot missed the net and the puck tumbles to chara. He'll pull out the nine iron with the puck through the air and down ice into the hawk zone between the circles Keith's has it there. Quick pass up ice over line left point stops sends it down the boards to the corner. Too strong. Put it behind the net right corner. Came to Seabrook at the right point fired one in from their blocked by chara Charlie's the puck behind the Boston net to Carlo. They'll send it around up the right side the corral being bothered by Kane and corral goes down at the hawk blue line Kane's. Got the puck now through center ice over the line cuts through traffic into the left wing corner. Pats the puck in behind the Boston Carlos got it. Senate around up the right side for corral Bill deflect the puck down to the hawk blue line Guston's air to get it for the hawks the tapes over the center ice circle carries it into the Bruins zone sets upside down the left wing to the corner, you'll spend the puck behind the Boston up the nearside corral took it away for Boston clearing. It ahead to center ice Murphy. Put a cross check into the face of. Danton Heinen and Murphy is going to go. We'll have ruined power play for you. When we return for eighteen left in period number two here in. Boston..

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