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Hello and welcome to the daily beans for thursday december. Third two thousand twenty today. Flynn calls for martial law days after receiving his pardon from the outgoing president. Sources tell c. n. n. to expect a series of pardons as we learned trump has discuss pardons for his three large children. Kushner and rudy giuliani. Most of the paycheck protection program money went to large businesses. We'll talk about that biden. Plans to keep christopher ray on as fbi director provided he's not fired between now and then and a deep dive into the bribery. Pardon scheme unseal yesterday by judge barrel. How i'm your host. Jean and i'm dana goldberg. Oh my we have a big show today. We have breaking news just coming across my desk like i said i know like like i have paper here. Just someone just handed me do dude but big news about of trump. And this is really. I'm like jordan. If you're out there listening this is year day. So here's what here's what's going on and and you know let's just because there's so much here in this lead story and you have some incredible reporting to let's just go into it. Let's just hit the notes. I'm in hot notes. Dana you are going to die okay. Oh i can't wait. This is podcast porn. Started so first of all mike flynn today. A wednesday shared a message encouraging. President trump to temporarily suspend the constitution imposed martial law and silence the destructive media. This is really just sort of suspended. The constitution for the last four years more than temporary suspension under this administration. Right so true now brad. Heath reuters has written quote. The statement cheers lincoln for trying to arrest as a prime court justice who disagreed with him which many historians say never happened and it says violence by antifa black lives matter including haranguing people as they eat means. We are literally under attack from within. Now i've been expecting this. You know he's taken the qn on oath and there's been this whole sort of ball to have this three percent or uprising after the election will here. He's announcing it. This comes on the heels of a recent pardon of flynn by trump. You know the department of justice filed that motion. We went over yesterday to dismiss flynn case which is still active and judge. Sullivan has not yet dismissed the case. Maybe wait to commit treason and sedition until after the case was dismissed. I had posited that sullivan would likely dismiss the case based on the sweeping pardon but might have something to say about the case on the way out like you know he might write a twenty thirty page things saying. Here's why this sucks. But he dismisses because your pardon power is total now. Sullivan has this sedition. And let's be honest that's what it is. He has to consider this as well before he dismisses. The case sullivan's response should be interesting. Considering he had asked during flynn's first sentencing hearing he had a couple he had asked whether the prosecution had considered treason charges. So he's not. He's not tight lipped about this stuff. He's not a quiet person and it's also of note that this call for a coup which could be a crime came after the pardon so that's a crime that wouldn't be covered by the part because you can't pardon future crime. So what a tool. I just imagined like every week like trump being like okay now pardoned. Flynn like we've for it we for it. It's like the quiet game with toddlers. Okay it starts now. Okay now keep happening over and over again. And additionally sources are telling cnn to expect a flurry of pardons answering the question what is the collective noun for a group of pardons called..

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