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You've been in arizona for seven years in one of the team has this been there with you every step of the way of life gerald how many more years do you think lehrer will play a kenny contained a playing at the level that he played since he's you know uh shannon larry's have not taken a step back since i've been there i mean he's is it seemed like he's getting better and better as as a year ago as the years a passes um i definitely see a comeback next week was because he's planned to well i mean he's chased history no i because i know he's looking at the numbers obviously we know he he probably will never catch jerry but i i i i know that he wanted to get close possible because you know uh because he's just continue to put up 100yard game a 100yard a year's thousand yard years continue to give voted into the probowl on i mean he just continue to do remarkable thanks for the community in our looked like he's getting younger versus owed so onto sunday who wins this game and why you know skip i had philly winter when it it but i just saw alshara said he'd use he just gave patriots bulletin board material and smart pick i'm ago already he gives you to make your petrie the agency said the phillies cut the trump is coming back the filly made cannot do that together before the game i feel that you i understand that you have confidence honest there that that you have the belief in your cerpa keep that to yourself and you can say to after the game saying i knew was gonna win who tom brady will love to hear that right after a man that's why when i saw this morning i told my friend i was like oh man villagers lost superbowl what i saw this morning was head you remember nap lexical said the exact same paying deportable seven he said they were gonna win and tom brady would not scoreboard in twenty poet.

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