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DVD's chester spreadsheets ranking these seinfeld podcast episodes dea clip of ROB's best three minutes. I don't remember this. I'M GONNA say clip best three minutes. Okay rob play a clip number. Seven babies civil like one of the fans is can make like a thirty second like highlight video. Maybe somebody'll watch. That's not a bad idea. Yeah just give give them rob's in like fifty years. Someone Make Rob's like best three minutes. Eh and I'll be lucky if they get one minute and then said that his great grandchildren okay oh well. That's a good reminder for people that we haven't been working on that. I mean he's like Jason. Curtis Rivera like is their youngest with the musical yeah yeah we'll we'll. We'll America cut a lot of American again. Damian could do it for this episode and that's basically what this episode is. If you put all the clips together might your best three minutes so not so far not that's a sure maybe not maybe not okay so you have a nine to five lead question before rob suggested Leprechaun to go on the wheel which would become a legendary Rene staple which similar Robin Akiva next because it's already known for how bad it is was a googlies be troll to st cramps deeper democ Shop Chuck Antar is my question. Yes be troll to now. Are What's your Clinton number ten okay problem with that rob. I don't know how familiar are you familiar with troll two or the or the documentation I am familiar with the legend of no known that it's bad it's like yeah not ours anymore like it's almost like yeah. It's it's a little hack yeah. It is hacked because like it would have been funny to do you know before documentary but at this point like they're making movies about how bad the movies like yeah. We know it's bad. It probably wasn't even supposed to be good to begin with like yeah. I mean that's like frozen yogurt levels but I keep I'm so desperate I can't I can't not take the point Y- by the way the whoever made that question the room needs to be one of the four choices like the other choices choices were abominable. Shows should goalies be in the questions what was in the room one of the choices at least that'll throw you off the scent and said it was a similar movie. I guess googlies Crompton Bertrand heard never heard of it. I've heard of the other ones I've heard of crisis and bird democ shocking tire yeah maybe per democ shocking shocking tears should go in the crappy movie diaper many not so we don't add stuff to the movie diaper or the Fishbowl it just it'll run out one day and then we're done so you're not. You're not adding anything anymore as far as I I haven't had anything in in six months. I think let the things that are in their crappy movie diaper. I'd like it to finish it and then we could add like we. It's not gone when it's done but I think like the five or six that are in there and give them a shot. I think we'd be open minded like sitting out wow what is actually with the fishbowl especially with the fishbowl is bloated but this this six movies in the crappy. You have to challenge movie so it's like you WanNa come in the crap movie diaper a great but you have to beat out north to get in with me. I I like this idea. Let's say this four that there should be maybe five movies in the crappy movie diaper twelve things in the fishbowl like I like this idea of that. There is a war one must go basically get down to and then if something nothing new wants to come in with the bump something I'm challenging this movie and then we'll put a poll up. Okay great the polar minder okay in Akiva. You have a nine two six lead. We're going to go to a a this is going to be a question for you about rob. If Rob Whistle was elected mayor of of Los Angeles I pledge would be a make parking in front of someone's driving. A felony be put Larry David on the walk of fame see opened an investigation into to the veracity of frozen yogurt being healthier than Ice Cream d get rid of everybody's lawn and replace it all with artificial turf say the C one because this is the Non Fat Yogurt episode right so it seems really on team. It is the Non Fat Yogurt episode but that's also why it is not the correct answer so the answer is actually no clip for this but a D- Get redan Cuba thanks so much. They look so good yeah I didn't. I didn't remember that conversation yeah. I'm a fake lawn guy. Oh yeah okay so this night to six. The score is still nine nine six. You're wrong about that one okay. Let's go to just GonNa Order Jordan Robert Clip I got I got to pick up the gold the gold yes. I've been picking out the goal the goal so far in the snowbirds Brazil around yes I am opening up an inquiry into this has been an issue in the past that sometimes Jordan changes the order of the questions to make sure that I get harder it or questions I don't want to I want to win fair and square I I'd rather lose and have robbed not husband Jeannie then win with an sis your good friend no. I'm I'm basically doing randomly but the thing is doing and then rob could just play a clip like what was the thought process. That's what I thought. We decided like hey rob. We we got overruled. He audible. I who's I don't think we should be able to get overruled in the future of I two against one even if he was an equal to us on this shop I mean would you even know if I went an order. You wouldn't even know we could tell yeah okay so this is actually do this is actually the next the next question that's that's on the list why did and this is for rob why did once confused bubble bath like with for body wash and end up rubbing on himself a the brand name was misleading and his daughter put it in the wrong place be he wasn't wearing his glasses in the bottles. Were the were the same color see the smells were similar and the light in the bathroom is broken. D. Was a prank for April fool's Day and he was too tired to notice torn between A and B. I don't know if it's more convincing less convincing that a is two things that it's one thing and also another thing so I I will say that it was B B he wasn't wearing his glasses and the bottles were the same color no clip for this but you are correct as it is nine. Two seven rob is is catching up big problem being blind in the shower. I all the time. How long ago was this Akiva unique unique goggles? How long has had to be every day all the same color? I can't tell I just put it. I put my body put it in my hair. It doesn't matter we have a lot of products. A lot of women in my house and I just put on whatever's closest to me. happens every single day. I'm blind okay so let's go. Let's go back to two Seinfeld the shower head we have this is going to be for Kiva. What what did rob say was the best way to anger someone when you're intentionally messing up their food order in a restaurant you please the wrong plate in front of each person? Be You cook them. Well done see you forget drink order de Mayo to the food. I don't remember this but I'm GonNa go with Mayo. Let's see your quest clip number seventeen rav okay. I don't even know the answer to this. How do you make people mad uncle? Leo Has Gotten a Burger. He wanted medium. All you got it medium rare and he feels like that maybe the cook at monks could be an anti semi Yeah No. I think he assumes the cook is an Anti Semite. Yes yes that's what they do. They know how to make the Hamburger Erkki yeah. They you know they intentionally. You know you ask for well done but if they really hated Leo and he asked for medium medium well why not give it to him rare. Why only one degree down you know see I think you could always cook it more? If you really hated him do it well done on if he wants it. Medium well go all the way can't undo well done right but I guess if you're the cook you know also don't want to get fired so if you burn it and he shows it to the manager then then then the cook gets in trouble whereas here shows the manager he just assumes Oh. This is a whiny old man okay so it was it was the cooking well done so that's a good point. I mean you can't you can't clamming cook it. Clip cutters done a good the job so far up. Yes I agree highlight so I disagree. I think the questions of the highlight the Clinton eclipse eclipse cigarette eclipse it is the second highlight who can indu cut that one that was a cut that one works on the side yeah it was it was either Willer Damian. I don't remember who cut each individual clip. Okay Okay so this is for rob. What categories this dispossess Seinfeld shower okay what topic Robin Akiva to say the fans liked hearing about from the previous week in the Pre Seinfeld Banter a rob cable bill the Akita's water bill C Robs Power Bill de at the RHA website bill I'll say that people light hearing about the cable bill. I'll play a clip number fifteen okay. Everyone wants to hear more about your cable bill by that I mean what are we talking about. How I have too many channels and then I tried to call and I tried to get rid of it? Yeah people wanted to hear you like okay. This is getting too boring and technical people like no. It wasn't boring. We're technical enough. People wanted more. Yeah people want more about my cable bill because I did. I switched. At and T. TV UH I like it. It's not over the Internet. Should we just do more more on your cable right now. Apparently you guys that's what those Hicks. It's what they wanna hear but I also had. At and T. U. Verse Internet and TV and then when I took one away they like triple the prices on me and then I had to call up and break up with them but tell them that I'm keeping a different one of their services but I guess they're not that connected because they didn't seem that happy on the phone yeah. The streaming wars have really thrown a wrench into this stuff. Yeah what's the score. The score is ninety eight census to this happens. I'm like the mets I'm GonNa give you like a little a little hope and then you're gonNA blow it in Kenya like four hundred right now okay so let's let's go back to the Wilson. Romo's has been asking questions and you want so much neater than south right now as we speak in the getting shelled with needle on them yes yes I mean that for all intents purposes that the mets season is like the mets are mathematically eliminated by the time. You're listening to this podcast. Oh no question I mean by the time this podcast is undone reporting probably possibly all right okay so this for Akiva. This is a question about rob. A A Florida activity did rob say was overrated and coal doesn't like either a Disney trip be walking the boardwalk see swimming with Dolphins de riding riding a fan vote. I don't even like some of these. Choices are weird. I'M GONNA say Disney a okay. Let's clip number eleven. Okay originalist is trying to tell his mom about how she could swim with. Dolphins does a Stelle seem like a kind of person that would swim with Alvin and the type of things you do one time right uh-huh yeah overrated swimming with fins there. You go all right so you are. You're you're spell is continuing to here yeah one the time I did go like like I held the fin the Dolphin and went for a ride that was kind of exciting yeah but overall like another time. I was just like in the pool with them. They like it very cold. The last shrinkage going on Dolphin. Shrink no okay okay all right so this is this is for rob. This is about Akiva what type of food did AKIVA and his wife considered eating from the table of another restaurant. Guest in this is from the of course the Chinese restaurant episode instead of Seinfeld. Was it a dumplings be pizza seek initials D. empanadas..

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