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The only one that back run is gonna come back and say okay here. We go now i apologize. I just sat of the people impact. Nine how to spell andrea. How angry angry are we at. What's your what's your level. It may be that we decide that we want to name to something else down tools and shift everything. Cry that so. That's a really good way. To let the whole world road also joss today kind of patchwork shelves. Instead we were deliberate deliver shifting arab so we might say any new code is going to gaze is gonna easy wrap to whatever Everything is this week deny out. Let's just put it out the tokk crazy to the thing that people only html to have those stories talk talk show frame up. Any new code uses uses the new anything any old code. When i go into modify it we will also migrated so that means as an additional cost that we're going to be carrying for a while while we might right that's fine. We just like that it in fact the into the way. Let me say that is the cost of maintenance of code debt or whatever your favorite sports and then we might then have a couple of months. I after an expert of tom. Coburn story peter. Anything that's left within just gonna hit that we're going to be able to swat team. That goes off and just does not people picked up as a chore over the next couple of months or whatever it is and so you know you should things a little but that becomes part of your ways of working body you'll develop the strategy knocks. Strategy deals. Protect your decision records. Capitals decisions worshiped this. This this is how we're gonna do. This is gonna hold. Keep ourselves on this idiom ethic code and the thing i always said by domestic is you can only write idiom ethic code if you learn the makes sense. He need to do the work the thing about well. I'm not going to do it because that's a lot of place of course knees for it's becoming very obvious that these are not principles because if they were principles you'd say use this idiom instead of that idiom and what you're saying is exactly yeah i get it. It's i can look code and again each of acu pay for each of these things. Like an overlay i can i can relate is on my couch and i can say how can i make my coat bowl predictable. How can i make my mo- idiomatic. How can i make. My terrible d is not dogmatic.

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