Rod Rosenstein, President Trump, Donald Trump discussed on Tony Katz and the Morning News


Good morning. So good to be with you. Rod Rosenstein is leaving the department of Justice this according to a report earlier this morning, not that he's being forced out by Donald Trump ABC news reporting that Rosenstein said that he was expecting to serve about two years. He's done that. And he's Wadden way. This is going to come close to the same time that William Barr who is President Trump's pick for attorney general will take office. What does this mean for the Muller investigation? Can't tell you. I cannot tell you in any way, shape or form the reports. Now is that Manafort? He actually shared Trump campaign data. With a Russian associate. The associate Constantine. Killick K. I L I am. And I k. They supposedly had a series of conversations or at least one conversation. We're data was shared. How how bad is that for President Trump again, I can't tell you how bad is it for Paul Manafort Paul manafort's in a world of hurt. Just so we're all perfectly clear and a guy who in a world of hurt might do our say anything to get out of some of that hurt rod Rosenstein, he is walking away and yesterday if you missed it, it was the funeral service memorial service for Tyler Trent here in Carmel. There's one tonight at Purdue I watched the livestream of of some of it. I didn't get to see. Unfortunately, the entirety of it.

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