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So like we've done every step along the way Ray. Talked about we're going to continue to monitor going to continue to evaluate and when the conditions improve, which were confident they will. Then, we're going to evaluate what we can do in terms of all sports, not just football. But it's clear based on the medical. Advice recommended we don't start with contact practice our. Football coaches others came together and felt it. We're not going to be up to start football and our follow Olympic sports on prime as plan which already delayed. September. Twenty six and it's a point to give clarity. To do now, there's been a ton of great uncertainty and great anxiety a forever. We also feel a responsibility based on all the trends that we've seen try to give some of that certain team clarity, and that's why we've said knock before January first people can plan you know emotionally psychologically as well as physically. And we got a lot of work to do and we don't have every question answered right now. So we're GONNA dig back in our directors football coaches, football working group others peers from other conferences. To continue our scenario planning all along I. Think we said You know we got scenario ABC. And we moved from scenario. ADA SCENARIO BE in. July. WENT TO CONFERENCE only ten game schedule, and now you don't remove into an. But what that looks like we've got more work to do but know that as soon as we feel comfortable. And it's safer and some of these questions are answered where we feel more comfortable. As soon as possible, we're going WANNA play. Larry. Scott the Commissioner of the pack twelve and a number of his colleagues explaining the rationale in the science behind the PAC twelve decision today to cancel the college football season they followed about an hour later than the big ten who also. Has cancelled and we will get reaction for many many people including Kirk heard Sri. In the next hour we are coming right back. To listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. Okay, we welcome you back certainly a fascinating watch and listen to see what everyone was saying add in the PAC twelve, the big ten, PAC twelve both gone and it is going to be. Utterly. Fascinating. Watch to see what happens with the other three lakes on a lot of. A lot of confidence in at least the SEC to continue as well as the ACC. But we don't know about the pack Excuse me big twelve. Let's get some more calls here. Get some reaction and. Jim. Apologize Him Jim is up next. Go right ahead Jim you're on the air. I'm just telling you strike fall I am I. Am I am so hard and I can't tell you that that's the most phenomenal. Learns got the most brilliant gone sports. He told it like it was told me like he should be he's rational reasonable. He's not self-centered. He's not selfish and he's not stupid. I mean that was phenomenal that guy is terrific. I mean, tell me tell me tell me what you say but beyond is by Jim He has probably the worst reputation but I thought he was very poignant there. I did not think the big ten commissioner handled his we didn't play that but I watched it. He he he spoke straight he didn't. He didn't give a thousand page document. He just talk right to the the issue was only honest public compelling probably truthful and totally as you say straightforward and honest I mean I I mean I I left I left out of my chair. I never expected to see anybody involved in the high level sports like he is say the things he said that is exactly correct ball. I don't care what anybody says it's responsible sunny anything different he said. That lady before him to ask the question about accountability and that's what it should be. We're GONNA we're. GonNa hit the brake. We'll come back in a minute but right now, Jim your three commissioners who are going to have to explain to their constituency. That they're not paying attention to the same protocols at the Big Ten and the PAC twelve or laying out we'll take a break two more hours to come including a conversation with Kirk herbstreit at the bottom of this hour..

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