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He clearly needs someone to put them onto a bigger platform to get him ready for sort of the gigantic super duper star of that has really alluded him in New Orleans, and I think LeBron has been a very willing and active mentor, obviously, playing and all the possible gray areas with the help of Rich Paul. And so, I think. You know, long story short, even if they don't get the third star. I think it's something that you should stick with your initial impulse of the excitement factor for these guys because that's going to be, you know what we're looking at here for the next twenty four months. It's going to be a very exciting show to me the biggest story in the league now that the warriors are dealing with all their injuries for next season. I kind of think that they're going to be center stage. It's going to be an awesome opportunity for Anthony Davis to really introduce himself to the world and show, everybody, especially casual fans what he can do. And he has an ideal guy to play setup form and somebody in LeBron who's completely invested in Davis success. Because maximizing, Anthony Davis is the only way LeBron gets to another title. And I think from that standpoint, look, the check is coming do. Right. They are going to be up a creek, five years from now. There's no doubt about it. But it doesn't surprise me at all the Lakers would be willing to take on that level of future danger to pull themselves out of this. That they've been in for the last six years. Yeah, well to that point. I wanna read this question from regicide, who says Anthony Davis is a generational talent. But he just doesn't have quote unquote it. I'm talking that it that Paul Pierce described, the raptors lacking a few years ago. How does a generational talent suite my blazers, and then not even make the playoffs next year? How does someone who has quote unquote it slack? The recorder of season with no injury. And I read that question Ben, because I read it Tuesday morning. And my face scrunched up as if I just smelled like an awful fart on an airplane. Like I don't understand how people really are out here, questioning Anthony Davis. He is so good. And so valuable on a good team and he's been stuck in New Orleans playing with a bunch of spare parts for the last seven or eight years. It's psychotic to me to think that like the Lakers, somehow buying fool's gold this week. And so I think to echo, what you just said like the reason it's a win because Anthony Davis is amazing. And I'm happy for him that he's going to be on a bigger platform in a better situation with a chance to really go show the whole league, how great he can be and I'm not going to side with regicide on this one, but I think I'm still of the opinion that Anthony Davis still has a decent amount to prove. In terms of his pure talent in, in terms of like the wide variety of things that he could do in a basketball game that so few other people could do. I mean, regardless of position, regardless of size, just the things that he could do. I mean it's dropping. And it has been now for six or seven years. We pretty much know who he is. Right. But what regicide is saying, look, Anthony Davis, hasn't it really gotten it done? I'm just going to keep going. That Anthony Davis. Has it made a huge Mark in the postseason? That's true. And Davis hasn't consistently carried a team to winning records year after year after year. That's true. Now there's obvious defenses for that. The pelicans have been one of the shakiest franchises in the over the last five six seven years, he's had some health issues that he does seem like he's worked through most of them he hasn't had a lot of help around him. And some of those questions, by the way are still going to be existing the Lakers are still pretty shaky freight Vogel's their coach. Did you remember that? Like some people probably have already forgotten that, that happened..

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