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Radio and f- ask one joy taylor is joining me today on a thursday i woke woke up this morning and it was a little cooler this morning pistol little cooler this morning where i live little do you starting to form in the air to feel that football now joy taylor and i feel the football l. a. Definitely has different depends on where you live in l._a. Different temperatures yes yes. It felt like i was in the middle of the desert yesterday okay so it was hot where you live but i live near the water by the beach. It's beechy and i'm feeling it's football. They do yeah they do yeah they. Do you know we hear a lot about all time great and there's very few all time greats. We've talked about it in the n._b._a. As much as it's a star driven league there's been like six guys who have ever moved the tv ratings <hes>. There's a lot of good in sports. There's a lot of very good in sports. There's very little awful in sports. There's a major league baseball teams at the bottom right now baltimore miami that are just brutal triple a. baseball teams but in the end if you want to be an all time talent. It doesn't matter where you went to college it really doesn't it doesn't matter to a large degree who your coaches were. You're in high school college. If you wanna be an all time great the only thing you got to be as healthy. You can't name all time greats that were hurt a lot and when i hear about l._b._j. Having another injury camp this is the safest the n._f._l.'s ever been. This is the least hitting on receivers they've ever been. Camps are lighter than they've ever been. You go talk to n._f._l. Players you talked n._f._l. Coaches they just don't hit and camp and b._j.'s hurt again well. It's no big deal thirty thirty two games. He's been hurt in sixteen of last thirty two games. He's missed sixteen of them. He's not going to be an all time great. He's an all time. I'm great talent but if you're asking me over the next four years who's the brown's number one receiver. It's going to be jarvis landry. This is comparing sports car to an s._u._v. sports cars flashy at peak performance. They're amazing. They're faster. They're wilder but you can't trust them in the winter..

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